Auerbach Violin/piano Preludes

Anyone know these pieces? I’ve just had to play quite a few of them - some of them are bloody hard!
nos. 14 and 24 definitely belong in place like this.
She’s in the Shosta/Schnittke line and apparently also a poet.

tru, i know and love these pieces. auerbach to me is like schnittke-light, but not in a bad way. she’s a bit more interesting than a lot of other serious pianist-composers today. the preludes for violin and piano are very similar to the 24 piano preludes, which are a pretty varied set.

woah these sound really great. time to record off naxos (Y)

i’ve got a few auerbach disks if you guys are interested. and some sheets, of course. interested?

definitely always interested in cool stuff like this! do you have these preludes?

yeah, i have both the violin/piano preludes and the piano preludes. coming soon.

randomly I need bortkiewicz scores. :jacko:

^ which ones 8)

etudes , preludes… I wanna learn a few of them…

dasdc zheetz has lots, as does imslp!

which are you thinking of learning? op15 no8 - the one rosenthal played?

im exactly thinking op15 no 8 , the one katsaris played :slight_smile: and a few others… ok ill check it out.

p.s sorry for derailing :frowning:

Yeh, definitely be interested in these.