Bach-Fiorentino Violin Sonata 1

For those of you who missed my message in the coqdorysme’s bach-godowsky thread, I’m hoping to create sheets for Fiorentino’s lovely transcription. So far we’ve got me doing the presto and coqdorysme doing the fugue, which leaves the Adagio and the Siciliano. I don’t mind doing the rest myself but it might be quicker if we could get some other people to help. Any volunteers?

btw, for coqdorysme here’s a new rip of the recording so you don’t have to rely on the youtube version. … h_1001.rar

wow strong turn out. Nevermind, Ernst Lumpe said he’d send me the sheets. :stop:

was already starting work on the fugue…

yeah I’d almost finished the presto, but it seems like a waste of time to continue. thanks for helping out though! I’ll pm you the sheets when I get them.