Bach - Partita no 2

not practiced but came out better than I expected

fugue :stop:

will post the 1st movement of Beethoven op 31 no 2 (which was practiced) now.

Great playing dude. I didn’t really like the opening section, but the rest was lovely.

thanks a lot

I completely agree about the sinfonia, it actually felt foreign as I recorded it.

Any advice on it?

It just felt a bit edgy and blatant. That’s fine… I just prefer Bach to be less abrasive. But your Andante was just wonderful, so I have no real complaints.

cool, good advice, and I agree.

I look forward to your rec, though unfortunately I must go now, I slept through classes today. I should at least practice some, maybe I’ll record the other 2 movements of op 31 no 2 today.