bach prelude and fugue in F# major, Bartok sonata 3mvnt

da nor harzhly getz no rezpect 8)

i liked the bach, am pretty unfamiliar with the bartok.

Dang, AWESOME Bartok. I love that sonata so much.

And crap, the Bach is so beautiful. That’s easily one of my favourite P&Fs. Just beauty.

nice finishing move on the bartok btw :shrimp:

haha respec for da Mart and canadian support…

i beleive i could use a high dynamic register for the Bartok, so some piano parts could be less loud. I have also the other mvnts. but i didn’t like so much the first, too fast.

And tru, tiz one of my 4 preffered pyf from Bach pozz

rezpect nor

agreed, nice Bartok!

diz finizhin move…randomly remindz me of da MORTAL kombat tru.
waiting to hear your op.18.