Bard thinkz we are too cool to play piano


I’m a lot less worried about googles AI

It seem suspiciously well aligned

very armenian


Bard who?

Its a digital god created by eccentric billionaire owners of google to control the flow of information so they can implant wants and desires on your mind for monetary gain.

I want to unleash sum wikid bass lick :guitar:

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Meanwhile Chat GPT with web access plugin:

Da SDC is a community founded in 2004 by a group of piano enthusiasts. The founders were dissatisfied with what they perceived as the restrictive nature of other forums and wanted to create a space where a strong passion for piano, particularly virtuosity and speed, could thrive alongside intelligent debate. They also wanted this community to be a place where members could be free to have fun, indulge in crude humor, swear, and generally not have to restrain themselves, leading to a laid-back atmosphere.

Over the years, Da SDC has continued to exist and at times has seen a resurgence of interest. The community is described as welcoming and good-humored. While it respects the formality of forums like Pianostreet, it is considered an antidote to such formality, being more informal, relaxed, and fun【9†source】.

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“it respects 88zt formality” wut

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what you want me to ask this thing now that it can see inside all the internet’s butt holes?

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No mention of the illustrious TRUMOFO

Absolutely lame and gay


Worrying tbh that most of the info is accurate.

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I’m worried its more lucid than I’ve ever been.


I’ve been trying to halve my Valium doses. Results are good so far.

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You want me to see if it can crawl your personal data tru? My guess is it will bounce any specific stalking friendly requests but we shall see.

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Yeah PM me the info but don’t post publicly please.

Should be fun!

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Maybe ChatGPT can move into tranzveztigation.


It say you don’t take PMs?? Am I doing it wrong?

Try again, let me message you

It knows all about the dead hookers.

wait you say PM?

will follow up there.