Beethoven Cadenzas

Was searching the 3rd Concerti and noticed the shit load of cadenzas by big names.
Does anyone have any recordings of non-Brotha cadenza performances? Or know who recorded them?
There’s an epic one by Amy Beach. Even Faure!
Doesn’t have to be the 3rd concerto. Same with the other concerti.

Kempff played his own cadenzas. Badura-Skoda played his own Cadenza for the 1st concerto.

Found this

And Freire playing the SS cadenza

It’s sort of a shame that improvising has been lost aside from very few people. But when Beethoven left his own cadenzas it’s sort of hard to ignore…

Honestly, Beethoven’s cadenza to the third concerto is so good that I just don’t want to hear anyone else’s.

Not even Fazil Say? :laughing:

It’s bad enough that I have to hear Yuja play his retake on volodos’s turkish march every time without having to subject myself to whatever he’s come up with for Beethoven.

Meanwhile, I listened to Freire in the SS cad and boy am I glad that he doesn’t play it anymore! It’s horrible.

The Reincke cadenza for the first movement of the fourth concerto is good.
Still not in Beethoven’s class but it has some good moments.

Obviously the Alkan Cadenza for Concerto 3 is worth mentioning. It’s a beast.

I like some of the Brahms cadenzas for concertos 3 and 4. And the Busoni for #4 is great.

Randomly, what’s that anecdote about a legendary pianist who played a Beethoven concerto and got criticized the next day by a critic for ruining the performance with a strange cadenza, but the pianist wrote back that it was Beethoven’s own alternate cadenza and put the critic in his place. I feel like it was Busoni. Or maybe I just made this all up.

I remember that too!

Forgot who the pianist was… fuck

I mean, the Hatto scandal kinda proves that critics can’t find their ass with both hands most of the time.

The praised the same fucking rec by Hatto, and then compared the rec that she stole - unfavorably to the Hattoized version.

That said, many of those mad hatter recz were sped up 8)

It certainly makes the case for blind listening.
I think most music criticism is rubbish anyway.
Virgil Thomson would never give Horowitz a good review.
There’s some numpty from the Guardian (iirc) who does the same with Yuja.

What is the Cadenza for 3? IMSLP has Moscheles down as a mistake.


Thats the one that says Moscheles. If anyone can read russian or german, theres a foot note here … 3_in_c.pdf

Yeah it’s Moscheles.