Benjamin Grosvenor

Discuss this up and coming legend!

Randomly met him (and his dad!) backstage after a recital, thoroughly nice guy too.

I’ve been following him for many years now. Don’t like everything he does, but he is developing into one of the leading pianists of our time, IMO.

I like him a lot. Reminds me, I need to go listen to the Chopin F minor he just played in Rads.

So i saw the chopin fmin tonight. It was stunning pianism. Reminded me of Hough but less…mannered is not really the right word, but Hough can self consciously tease you whereas Grosvenor always felt natural.
But there was something that didn’t move me all that much. I admired the sound, technique etc but it didn’t always have me dreaming.

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Rezpec, I will try to listen to the replay tomorrow.

Here’s the link, haven’t listened yet.

Damn, diz mofo needs a broadcasting masterclass from da Zepp. His prosody is all over the place.

and he’s one of the better ones…
Lately they want ‘names’ on the air, but, oh, we’re not going to teach them how to speak on the radio…

Just finished listening. I agree with Mikey, stunning pianism. The coda was fantastic; he has this great rhythmic snap to his playing and I loved the way he shaped the long scale phrases. Beautiful sound too. There were a couple of things I would’ve phrased differently in the opening movement, but overall it was in line with how I feel the work. I’m going have to work out how to download this one.

I capped it. I can post it if you want it.

I felt the same way Mikey did. Stunning pianism but didn’t really have the impact I was hoping for. Old man Freire does a much nicer job of this concerto, IMO.

ahahaha fuckkkk, ok da zepp vil make one obzervation fo hiz benefit:

da word ‘concerti’

juz dun work in diz accent :sunglasses:

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Yeah, but I don’t expect him to play at Freire’s level at this age. For young pianists, I’ll happily take interpretations (of any piece) that aren’t annoyingly mannered (like Trifonov) or fatuous (like Buniatishvili).

Btw, I would like that cap, thanks!

Loved this performance, the last Beethoven concerto to connect with me.

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Same here actually, but with me through Gelber