berezovsky - brahms pc 2 - commercial recording

was listening to this today…

very fast tempos - of course he can play this way - but for what purpose…

first and second movements were acceptable - but for fourth movement sounded more like an over orchestrated haydn

will listen to his brahms frist… maybe better

There are some composers that Berezovsky isn’t particularly suited to. Brahms is one; Chopin is another. Though, Berezovsky being what he is, he can turn in some incredible performances of either one depending on the day.

The Brahms 1 is definitely better than his Brahms 2. Worth a listen.

ahahahahaha da WHALE FIN

TRU i enjoy hiz 30min chopconc1, bettah den all da chopcomp winnnah perfz, n even wiz all da page turn, memo lapze, random rape etc :sunglasses:

My fave Chopcomp mofo is da SHISH 8)

Ahahah da SHISH

If u watch hiz otha zheeyatz, diz mofo hilariouzly haz a very laid back ztylee

No real SD inztinctz, but juz

A very

10/2 specific tech


And a elegant 1920’s look!