Berman Rockets?

Did da LAZAH BEAM evah perform any of da :rock: etudez?

Didn’t record a single one.
I’ll ask Ates if he ever performed the fuckers.

Don’t bother ates. I’m sure he’s sick you by now anyway.

possibly! I didn’t write him yet :rectum:

I don’t write him DAT often, he’s not my girlfriend 8)

A shame!

Da 33-8 n 39-5 wud be legendary undah thoze bear mittz.

I don’t know man, I’m not so hot on Berman’s Rachmaninoff. If that live Rach 2 is really his, then too bad, it’s heavy as a rock.

you sure mellowed out compared to: … kah#164471

unzurprizin dat u haff da :tym: to hunt it down . . . o mo lykly dat u have da pozt memorized, burned into yo mind ovah many lonely nitez

I simply searched “wolf fuckah” 8)

Hope PHD is going well u mofo 8)

prezumably a nitely occurrenze

Absolutely :tm:

At the same time dat da ZKEPTO unlocks da door ov sum unsuspecting freshman math major’s dorm room n cuddles with dem while Dey is passed out from da ZKEPTO roofie

Berman was such an enigma. Seems like his post-60s interpretations intentionally tried to suppress his technical prowess like he was trying to disprove critics who said he was all chops, but instead he gave us chopsticks.