Best edition for Beethoven sonatas?

So my dirt cheap edition of Beethoven sonatas that I bought at a random Chinese bookstore is falling apart and I thought I’d take the chance to buy an actually good edition this time.

First I thought just going for the Henle. But after reading around a bit, apparently some people on 88world mentioned that a new ABRSM edition by Barry Cooper is the best. Somehow it even has 35 piano sonatas instead of 32…just wtf :lib:

Pricing wise both the Henle and the Cooper edition look to be about the same (around $110 for the complete sonatas). Any recommendations? I’d prefer the books to be ones that actually stay open. The Henle urtext editions I bought on Bach’s Goldbergs, Brahms’ piano works and Bach’s Partitas are excellent in this regard.

Randomly the dover brotha zonz aren’t terrible, but the fuckers don’t stay open.

Perahia is meant to be overseeing the new Henle so might be worth waiting for that whenever it comes out (if it hasn’t already).

The ABRSM includes these … (Beethoven

Otherwise if you can dig up the Schnabel edition from somewhere, it’s definitely interesting but best to work alongside and urtext.

I use multiple editions but like Arrau’s Peters one in particular.
Its an urtext with his fingering and performance indications, some of the fingering he suggests I wouldn’t think of in a million years (not all of them work though!). … perahia&s=

Unfortunately it’s only 1/3 done :frowning:

And at Henle’s prices, if you buy them all individually right now it will cost you more than the whole set :dong: :dong:

I actually just emailed Henle and they got back to me.

:dong: :dong: :dong:

Hhahaha well u got ur edition coming…in 2020 :stop: