Best recent recs of standard rep

What are some excellent recent (let’s say 1995 or later) recordings of standard repertoire (Beethoven sonatas, Chopin, …)?

I like the recordings of the “old masters”, but I’m looking for “audiophile” recordings which have been made using state-of-the-art recording equipment.

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n generally moz DG ZONY n HYP releazez

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I’d be specifically interested in collections, such as complete Beethoven zons.

paul lewiz?

Kuerti? R.Goode?

In my opinion, anything recorded after 1960 or so, sounds just as good as stuff released today… often better, even.

Listen to Byron’s Pictures. There hasn’t been a Pictures rec since that sounds as good.

Anyway, I’m happy to help out by naming my favourite recs which also sound awesome, but the standard rep is very large and I don’t know where to start. So how about you list some of what you’re looking for specifically, and I’ll use that as a guide.

As for Beethoven Sonatas… the best of the recent recordings in great sound would probably be Kovacevich.

whale rocketz 39/3 n 9 live cambridge '95 :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

Goerner’s Chopin immediately springs to mind when i read the topic title.

i think Pogo’s studio Valses Nobles sound wonderful, but that’s hardly “new”

a few days ago i listened to Badura-Skoda chop 25-2 for da first time and i was stunned simply b/c of :stop: .

one of a great rec imo.

I’ll take Berezovsky’s Valses Nobles over that any day.

Gilels Prague for me.

Well true, but you’re missing the point. RECENT RECS

OK, I am most urgently looking for:

  • Beethoven Sonatas
  • Beethoven Piano Concertos
  • BWV 1052 & Goldberg
  • Liszt sonata
  • Haydn sonatas
  • Ravel Miroirs
  • Mozart piano concertos
  • Prokofiev sonatas
  • Scriabin preludes & sonatas

I will probably get killed for this but I really like Hewitt’s recording of the Miroirs ( found in her complete rec of Ravel’s piano music).

Scriabin’s sonatas have good recordings by Hamelin, Austboe and others.

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Haha, da sdc lingo. Zo, hu iz da BRONTO and tha RAIL KILLAH, den? :laughing:

Yefim Bronfman und Matti Raekallio :gav:

for the proksons, id also add bernd glemser to that list for good measure. i personally dont care for bronfman’s set much, because he lacks quite a bit of fury in some of them.

  • Beethoven Sonatas: Kovacevich
  • Beethoven Piano Concertos: Fleisher/Szell (it still sounds great) Also Aimard is decent
  • BWV 1052: Maybe Gavrilov or Perahia?
  • Goldbergs: Gould '81 of course. Also pozzibly Lifschitz, Schepkin, Koroliov
  • Liszt sonata: Gilels RCA 1965
  • Ravel Miroirs: Bavouzet
  • Mozart piano concertos: Buchbinder
  • Prokofiev sonatas: Petrov, Ovchinikov
  • Scriabin preludes & sonatas: Zhukov

Some of these are old, but I truly believe they sound as good as anything being produced today.