Best Techniques

i agree wit everything dis dante alighieri said

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haahhahhahhaa,iaion of d crevie

i have a brain :ho:

u forgot:

:god: -bezt tech 8)

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o rly?

His sheeyat is INCREDIBLY even.

He coulda gone supafast if he wanted

You don know until you hear old Campanella on vinyl

10 X faster than Berman octaves… and sorry, but Berman forces it. Lhevinne = effortless.

WRONG again.

no one beats da young Gav LaCam.

Lhevinne octz = so so

GavLaCam = Gavrilov Campanella? OMG. Post diz. 8)

I just have one thing to say…ppl hating on lhevine??? come on guys…he had one of the best techz in history…excellent teacher, so wut if a pianist plays octz faster than him? Lhevine is a rare rank of pianist, up there with hoffman, horo, and rach…


you obviously don’t even know what you’re talking about

and have not heard that old Camp rec.

I however, have.

Lhevinne is pretty much the God of tech.

Octave glissando staccato? … unhuman. So many of his students (famous pianists at that) have accounts of this and his blow-your-mind tech in general.

Lhevinne could easily do that octave etude whatever speed he wanted. Not everyone always plays as fast as they can… obviously Berman does, because I’m sorry to break it to you, but his octave etude does sound like shit. Usually I am open to speed, but it sounds so fucking out of control. Other than the speed, I wouldn’t listen to that recording.

I don’t think that he has the fastest octaves, because then his Orage would be faster than Bolet’s.

Want to bash me for my entitled opinion on his octave etude? Try me.

I have way more recs than you have. I always know what I’m talking about. I read a whole load of books about pianists; thus my assumption about Lhevinne is fair enough.

DISAGREE. He has good technique, but I will never consider him the God of technique. That’s just Bull Shit. BTW, I have heard every rec from him (probably even more than you).

Don’t overlook. Many pianists could do exactly that same thing or even better (Hamelin, Libetta, Cziffra, Ashkenazy…etc). On top of that, Ashkenazy is also very renowned for having wicked double-thirds technique. Your statement is just weak. You praise him without even considering other pianists. Seriously, I tend to think you are unmusical-minded. You really need to hear more recs. It will enhance your ears and hopefully change your one-sided view. speaking of which, playing 25-10 at Lhevinne’s speed, any decent pianists can achieve as beautiful tone as he did.

Other pianists can do the same. There are more than 120 recordings of 25-10 played by professional pianists on CDs. You just don’t know what you are talking about.

Where do you study piano? If you study privately, my advice is either you quit or your piano teacher should stop teaching because s/he’s now training a new breed of buffalo. If you happen to study at some school, that school needs to have a board meeting and evaluate one particular student due to the fact that he’s gained so much shitness in his head that considers as a new phenomenon.
One last question, are you somehow retarded…accidentally?


Best wishes,

buy a fuckin :stop: or go back to da 88ztreet 8)

Wow, dumbass, the La Camp rec is available only on record, you’ve definitely not heard it… you heard the other, cd version.

You obviously are retarted if you think those bangy octaves sound good, and in control… they aren’t. If he was in control, he would have started softer, and gotten louder. But the whole time, they are out of control.

A great example - Gilels Tchaik 1 octaves are in control, and faster. He can achieve any dynamic at the same or higher speed, so go toss your salad chodeboy.

Spend more time practicing and less time obsessing over speed. You’ll mature, and who knows, maybe you won’t always be a deaf internetfag.

You obviously don’t know shit about Lhevinne. Just listening to his octave and double thirds etude, you should be able to TELL just from sound alone that it’s effortless. I read a shitload. I know that in the Moscow conservatory, they actually had chairs in piano, and Lhevinne was 1st, over 2nd chair, none other than Rachmaninoff, who held his technique in higher regaurds than his own.

Just listen to Lhevinne’s descents downwards in the thirds etude… they are perfect, precise, and this is an old recording! his precision is unmatched. They sound basically stacatto. When you aren’t a dumbass, you can actually hear when playing is effortless.

And i have a bad ear? I listen to and praise the Ash; he’s my favorite pianist you fucking moron, but I wouldn’t even compare him to Lhevinne in terms of raw technique.

Maybe instead of listening to recordings, you should play more, and listen. That’ll help your ears, you fucking toolbox.


P.S. if you want to hear my teacher, go to my thread in piano videos/recs forum, download the link at the bottom, and let his Polonaise op 44 jizz all over your face.

He has more Lhevinne recs than you’d imagine, all on record, never to hit cd, and has heard way more than you ever will.


IPAM has more than your teacher and I could easily get da 88 stuff from IPAM if i wanted to.

i havet heard da bearman chopet etude…any links?

IPAM has pretty much every single piano recording ever recorded.

Commercial or not.
So, yea.