bezt exercice sheeyat :stop:

bezt exercice set

  • hanon :ho:
  • czerny :lib:
  • dohnanyi :wood:
  • brahmz
  • cortot
  • tauzig
  • buzoni :doc:
  • liszt :pimp:
  • othah sheeyat…
  • I dun believe in fingah exercicez - tech sould juzt be learnt through tru m*zic lyk chopetz :comme:

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:doc: / :comme: ?

(diz pozt iz merly to tezt da iconz in subjectz n poll but u can reply 8) )

if ya wanna be one of millionz who have brilliant technique , chose all da above except da lazzt

if ya wanna be an artizt , choze da chopetz … ofcourse da TE and da PE contain a lot of musicality alzo… and my prof. says that lot of the works you are working on have places you can practice thru and gaining the work approved more … she always says that she is not a fan of excercises …

da Ho practiced Hanon till da day he died.

Where’s the MT icon by the Cortot?

And exercises are boring. Chopets, properly learned and properly mutated, are all you’ll ever need.

highly disagree.

u always need to play scales, arpeggios and excercise books.

daim I didn’t expect da kritty on da mofo zide :rectum:

HAHA da :comme: is unlikly to work… 8)

at least u wanna break random recs

datz y he cud nevah play da 10/2 :rudy:

haha da 10/2 only cud pozzibky be an option :rudy:

Rubinstein’s advize iz to play 10-2 before any recitalz as a warm up piece.

as u all know. da Ho dizzed da ruby.

it’s evident he didn’t wanna learn da 10-2.


Well, I asked Lang Lang once what he did to develop his technique when he was younger.

He responded, “Czerny, Chopin, Liszt, and Scriabin” etudes.

I’m doing Dohnanyi. I’ve looked into Hanon and Herz, and did all 160 short exercices from Czerny. For a good technical basis Dohnanyi’s best of all I’ve tried. It’s great to strengthen ur fingers and get a good basis for all techniques. Czerny is just good for speed, sucks for anything else.

And I hate it when people say you can just get everything from Chopin etudes…

And scales/arps/sheeyat daily IS necessary

i iz way too lazy to practise exercises daily, tiz sad

maybe couple times in week i play my czerny and liszt

diz iz exactly what i iz trying to get mah message across many mofoz here.

[size=200]may da zpirit b wif yo.[/size]


I think Liszt excersizes are fucking genius.

Why do you think he was so good?

4 hours a day of that shit, it covers everything.

I’ve noticed huge difference, and after playing that shit, everything else is easier.

liszt exercices are just too much imo… you could put the same effort and time into learning a real piece with the same tech, with the same effect. tech exercices should just prepare you and build up a basis, no need to learn stuff twice.

All Bach-Liszt pieces/excercises worth paying attention.

(vid) da duchbag zpeakz da truth : 8)

I concur wit da scales and arpz…