Buniatishvili (self?)-interview

I don’t get why the questions were written in french if she was answering in english?

but still nice to see.

Hi, that’s true. I think the interviewer is translating the questions to her in english. I wonder if she speaks french? I’ve heard her speak german.

The question is probably “Why is she answering in English when the questions are in French”, and the answer that springs to mind is “because she doesn’t speak French”.

The “questionnaire de Proust” is very popular in France, and here is another:


I love the way JFN passes on the birds and the flowers because he does not consider himself sufficiently knowledgeable on those subjects.

hey thanks for posting that, very interesting!
He seems like a really easy going guy and I like how he doesn’t have that air of pretension that some of the young pianists have when trying to give “profound” responses!

Hi, I never heard of Jean-Frédéric Neuburger, thanks for introducing him to me. Perhaps you could suggest a YTube recording or two of his?

da bunny pimpzon
fr.medici.tv/#!/khatia-buniatish … pin-annecy
zum rezpectable momentz :lib:

There are a few other vids including rach 3. respectable speed. :stop: