Busoni Competition 2017

Young Croatian pianist Ivan Krpan (20), won 2017 Busoni competition. Have to say that I’m very proud as a Croat and his friend :slight_smile:

He also won Ettlingen competiton, 3rd prize on Moscow Chopin competition and 4th prize on China Mozart comp.

slippedisc.com/2017/09/young-cro … mpetition/


Good stuff!

Why don’t they let finalists choose to play the Busoni Piano Concerto? Or better yet, make it one of the required pieces? (I know, it’s big and long and there’s that chorus, logistics, budget, etc. etc.). But still, they should be able to cook up something manageable. That piece should get as much play as possible! If not at the Busoni Competition, then when?!

True, but I suspect it’s for the reasons you listed.

On all the reasons you mentioned I will add one more - it’s such gigantic and difficult work for young pianists to study and to perform it only once. If they would required it there wouldn’t be so many people who are interested in competition itself. Or at least most of excellent pianists wouldn’t bother to go. And remember that this is just one of many competitions which pianists under 30 are going to.

I would personally add one more Busoni’s solo piano work. On this way you are required to play one original work and one of his transcriptions.

Btw. Speaking about Busoni concerto - I have excellent video of Vadym Kholodenko doing it from Mariinsky Theatre, if you want.

Yes I suppose it would be a deterrent to make it a mandatory piece, perhaps they could videotape the chorus to be inserted on-demand! :smiley:

Would definitely welcome any performances of the Busoni Concerto!