careerz in muzik

Bein a muzician most lykly mah career will involve:

  • Touring 60+ concertz a year (unlykly, pozzibly)
  • Hitman/Contract Killah/wut da Rob already doez fo a living
  • Hooker
  • CEO of a major corporation
  • Profezzional basketball player
  • Bum without a keyboard to make dollahz

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hahahaha if tha fingahz break, wut elze r u gon do? :rectum:

second option sounds cool 8)

hahahah m*zicianz haff completely different careerz :lib: :dong: :comme:

ken lee tess


I’ve always fantasized about being an assasin

Are you sure you didn’t mean “Asian”

No, I like mah 8 inch dongah.