Cello Music Request

Hi, im looking for some good cello music. i used to love listening to this instrument and was hoping someone could upload me a collection of powerful cello music. i remember elgar being really great, but i cant remember which of his music it was that used to really move me. i would really appreciate if someone could give me some stuff.

his concerto = great

Lalo composed a surprisingly descent one,

hmmm i’ll get back later

check out Brahms/Rach sonata for sure as well

the Shostakovich concerto is easily one of my favorites

and of course Bach

yea, the Rach sonata i do have. that is one great piece of music. im more interested in the classical/romantic period with cello music, so i will check out the Bach sometime, but wont go to much length for it.

Well, you’re British, so I’m appalled that you don’t have the Dupre set.

Get it now:

amazon.com/introuvables-Jacq … B000002SCC

yeah she’s incredible

well, i have a lot of Elgar. i just remember hearing the his cello stuff on classic fm when i was a kid, and now i really want it. i like the contents of the du pre CD, so i am probably going to buy it, and prob upload it if people want.


hey, if you’re still looking, try:

Dvorak cello concerto – Piatagorsky or Rostropovich

Elgar concerto - DuPre

Schumann cello concerto in a minor – there’s a fantastic Lynn Harrel that i heard once, or else the DuPre

If you don’t have it I could upload the Rachmaninoff slow movement with Rostropovich/Horowitz. One of my fav recordings of all time 8). I should still have this in my dorm somewhere on CD.

And true, Schumann’s cello concerto is fucking awesome.

ooh, please do upload that if you can find it

that wud be wicked if you ul this.

I like Dvorak and Shosh Cello Conkz. I happen to have two recordins of the Bach Cello Suites, Ma and Rostroprovich, along with an anthology of Pablo Casals Chamber music.

Casals Bach cello suites is da 1st thing u should hear.

i can even ul da vid of his 1st suite.

someone ul’d some cassals orchestral suites with cello. could do with some more though. would really appreciate it. i just love this instrument now.


Jacqueline du Pre’s 1967 live recording of the Dvorak concerto with Celibidache conducting is hot stuff. The first cello solo entry from Jackie is NOTHING like anything you’ve heard a cellist do before.
I could UL that if anyone wants.

I will uze dis thread to make a request, since da Canadian iz a bit harzh with deze kind of threadz 8)

Cud someone upload a good verzion of Samuel Barber’z Adagio for Stringz?

T’wud b much appreciated tru

Yep, I’ll post one. My policy regarding requests is simple though… just post any album in order to start a new topic - and include your request with that post.

haha tru, I juzt didn’t really haff anything to pozt right now :blush:

Btw Chriz, wut did u think of da Boulez’ Stravinsky?

haha dis requezt goez unnoticed :blush:

Dun worry I got it, I just need to get home first before I can upload, hopefully later tonight 8). It has some Copland and Barber songs on it too, I’ll up the whole album.