:wim: channel :kan: conc cummah

In 90 minzzzzzz :snail:



da fucking wellah :snail:


max double beat bullsheeyat


Haha well we all know that he does not take himself seriously. Da view counts on these are a bit disturbing

70% mofos watching for the CG?

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I’ve logged in sum altz in various browzahz just in case :sunglasses:

Maybe he want to duel Da KAT in a scale, on live stream?

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I have sum tech newz fo da :wim:
he had a phase of pozting rare salon sheeyatz as images on his page and pronouncing them as unplayable.

I bet any money he was picking really obscure stuff so that there wouldn’t be an extant rec to disprove his bs.

I zero prax (give or take 3 mins) sightraped a few of them, more or less a tempo…


Tbh that da :kat: got up to speed an alt octz passage which bothered me on the basis of about thirty seconds fiddling around is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen on da 88.

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Hahahaha dis is dangerouzly FAZT…

fo da :wim:

Ahaha zuzpiciouz fakerudy already :dong:

Dear god.

So slow it has almost stopped.

Ahaha da disabled mofo ztylee acciaccature :snail:

Hahahahaha I can hear the edits

LEZBO ZTYLEE hahahaha fucccckkkk

Some of them are so obvious :dong:

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Yay da 4NPz zcalez cummah!

Hahahaha da original rec, mvt 3

Just wtf

Alzo, the recording date

2020-2021 hahahahahahahaha

Wut a trove of CG dis mofo’z channel is

10.16 a particularly fine moment :dong:

This charles rosen with head injury style penism

weird enough to be respectable

17’50 in da mvmt1

HAHAHAHA da epic KAN funeral march :sunglasses:


daim, had to come here just to check I hadn’t had a stroke and that I could still tell gud from sheeyat. fortunately all is well.