chop comp firzt poll

Hu vil win?

  • MT
  • da politicz

0 voters


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH da mart trick poll

no one can beat da politicz, even if da MT winz da politicz still winz 8)

Can anyone explain to me “the politics” when it comes to piano. I don’t really understand how it works in the classical music world.

just curious…

hahahaha, well sum mofoz haf connexionz wiz da jury, n da jury letz dem win.

tru, even if dey dun p;lay da bezt.

some of the jury are really honest … but i believe there is a lot of connexions in the Chop 2005

hahahahaha i hope da polish iz mo honezt den da dutch 8)

da Supahztar
can u actually go C da comp?
do ur job :stop:

i hav a feelin MT vil win


yes i can … but mom told me this … what do u prefer having a TV in ur flat or goin to the comp ?? ( ofcourse in mind i would say , FUCK i want da comp , as im startin to it in the next 5 years ) … but after second thought i chose the TV … at least i can watch it here good … cuz the best places are always taken by the vagging VIPs or by the rich customers ! … hell , my prof is goin too … i envy her soo much !


iz yo prof a hot biatch, or a granny mofoe? :lib: