chopetz difficulty rankinz

rank deze mofoz

u haff to give da benchmarks in which u want us to rank dem objectively 8)

hahaha wtf

It hink they are the most difficult ones in the order I wrote them(10.1 being the most difficult one)
.I have never played any of them but reading and listening to other people have made me com up with this list.

-The Mephisto

my self

EXACTLY! diz iz da only academically correct way to evaluate dese mofoz. (we assume ‘accuracy’ to be a constant to be determined) 8)

which makes yo list an utterly worthless piece of umm



10/1 harder dan 10/2?
25/12 harder dan 25/11 ?
dis list iz very random 8)

My list sucks ;okei.
But they are the most difficult ones. Not in that order okey

10/9 is the least difficult.

i believe 25/12 iz not az difficult az people say

both handz do da same thing

it’z harder to pat yo head an rub yo belly at da same time dan to juzt pat yo head with both handz or rub yo belly with both handz

hahaha, both handz arent exactly da same, dey each do different arppegio sheeyatz

but u iz rite, 25/12 iz quite eazy to memorize

aside from general finga dex - diz etude focuzezz on ‘thumb undah’ technique and quite an intenze uze of da 5th fingah

if u dont cheat on ur lelf hand, it’ still relatively easy compared to other etudes.

k-mart, ur post iz also rondom as a mattah of fact.


hahahahahahaha, kritty haz a secret crush on da MART

same sheeyat… juzt like practicing arps

play it n see u fuckah 8)

i have sightred it several times but have not yet decided to perfect it…

az i am currently working on othaz

it doez make mah-bad-self very exhausted…

dezpite mah naturally strong uppah body 8)

pluz relatively weak in ur lowah part of da bodi