Chopin Etudes Recordings-Comments Please!

I would like to hear your opinions on the following recordings of the Chopin Etudes:
Ashkenazy-1975 … B00003GPON

Wow! Terrible!!

Berezovsky iz da worzt of da lizt
earlier da Azh, da bettah it iz
Lugy iz decent
nevah really too big abut da Cher
Cortot is awesome, but the sound quality suckz, but da 25/1 iz golden

come on post all of them :smiley:

sure, now i have a bettah connection i can pozt deze, or wud u prefah da onez i lyk perzonally?

don’t post these, unless by these you mean Cortot and Cherkassky :slight_smile:

da cortot’z zet iz ztuff ov legend, i can’t believe dere r dedicated pianophile doeznt’ have dat zet azkually

but dat’z da old-zchool playin ov da Chopet

da John Browning’z zet remainz one of my fav in da modern zet (othahz are Rafael Orocoz and da recently pozted zet ov da Fiorentino)
da Ziff and Gav get honorary mentionz

I actually can’t think of a set that I like unequivocally, Cortot’s is probably the best one I’ve heard. In the etudes he played at the Chopin comp Ashkenazy is umatched imo e.g. 25/3, 25/1, 10/1. Wish he had continued to play like that. I’m guessing the 60s version is the one to get although I actually haven’t heard either set.

i think da 74 iz da Decca
and da earliah one iz da Melodiya “russian piano zchool vol.17”

i randomly deleted da Decca one zince it iz terrible i thought
i got several annoying live ‘half’ zetz he playz, thoze are awezome


da 14-yr-old Pollini pozz playz da bezt live 10/2

still haven’t heard that set

all ov dem (Y)

Of those sets, the best technically is the early Ashkenazy hands down. The most interesting is Cortot, followed probably by Cherkassky.

The early Ashkenazy is one of my favorites overall.

and it’s so wonderfully edited.

I still think the best recs of op.25 are Geza Anda and Sokolov. For op.10 I pick Ziff; but I can only imagine what da SOCK would do with it. His 10/8 at age 19 is legend.

I like the recently posted Fiorentino as well, but I don’t think it’s Anda/Sok level m*sically

relizten to da Fio’z 25/2
i praize it az highly az da Cork’z 25/1

liztend to da 10/1 n thought…wow…DENIED :dong:

PS: da bezt 10/1 in mah op iz fo zho da MT interp

ahahhaha truly 8)

da Whale changed hiz interpr into a fury-buildup :whale: :whale: :whale:


ahah truly that ending fury juz legendary :gav: