Chopin or Liszt - WHO IS da best?

  • da Chopin
  • Liszst

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Liszt by a trillion miles and it’s not even up for debate.


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Up until like a week ago I would’ve voted da PIMP, but da Chopbals, Prelz, Zon 3 ect. just too good at diz very moment.

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iz dis…
  • pianoztreet
  • SDC

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I chose pianostreet because it seemed like the most SDC way to vote.



Hmm I also misread the poll. I thought it was which site is better…

Da PIMP :pimp: iz da greatezt penizt, kumpozah, n arrahjah in da hiztory ov man.

'N dat’z not even my opinion, datz a fakt. Da reazon zo few people know about it iz dat itz extremely diffikult 2 prove.



Not many people haff Da tech AND imagination to recognize Da level of gensui.

Da :pimp: an all round gensui mofo and, erm, pimp.

Da :chop: harzhly a vaguely zkepto mofo with moments of gensui.

Tbh I think :chop: is seriously overrated because of the piano aspect and da 88 being the sumwut prestige instrument. He’s a good composer for the piano but that is almost literally the only thing he did.

I will freely admit that 88zt has really reduced my opinion of da CHOP, due to all the adolescent obsessions with da fat imp and hardest chopetz, culminating in a thread where a bunch of mofoz who not only hadn’t played the chopetz but were in no danger of doing so in this life or the hereafter chose to pick a fight over difficulty levels with someone who actually had.


tru unlyk da pimp hu zhined through hiz opera n ztring quartetz :sunglasses:


I actually really like da pimp chambah muzic.

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I’ll put it anothah way.

:chop: = 88zt
:pimp: = dasdc

a clazzic example of



Iz dat a dong on dat graph? :sunglasses:

nevah heard but I iz willin to believe da pimp a virtuozo in da chambah :eggplant::pimp:


plus da pimp got sum gensui orchestral stuff…

Yeah, there is absolutely no comparison. Da pimp was oozing with originality in pretty much every possible way.

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Alzo da pimp a gensui humanitarian and supportah of othah cumpozahz, while da chop sumwut of a profezzional 19th c neurotic.

Though da pimp support for da Wankah pozz a cuntraverzial sheeyat.

Let me cumplete my rezearch with diz highly factual docudrama :dong: