chopin sonata 3

Best recs?

depends on what you’re looking for in the piece. I like my usual suspects: Lipatti and Fiorentino, also Hofmann for the first movt.


-da Meph



and Zimerman live in recital

dont haff much experience in dis rec, but i find Yundi Li’s rec extremely exciting.


tha :wood: 4th mvt rec wuz tha firzt tym i evah heard thiz piece n tiz a worthy perf fo zho :chop:

diz queztion … bit old and ignorant

but if u need a fresh anzah …

go fo da zpidah !

who be da zpidah? (still aint caught on to da lingo fully).

haha da zpidah iz da raf himzelf i mean , Rafal Blechacz , da huge little polo , who was me friend before hiz huge bombah in da career :slight_smile:

Okeydokey. Does anyone have the link to that site with the yundi li chopin recordings, I know the sonata and grande polonaise were on there, with some etudes I think… grazi

:god: :god: :god: :god: :god:

pozzibly last movement with da Gen

hahaha, da ungrateful zpidah

kapell be a favorite of me own, too.

friere also haf a sweet rec.

lol , huge mountains dont talk to little diamnodz :wink: duuuude !


i muzt hear dis

randomly my fav iz Garrick Ohlsson live from da chopcomp

I only have Pollini and Yundi Li and they both rox.

Da Ruby.

And Moi. :smiling_imp:

Kapell, definately.

any zheeyat b-low 4 minz in da finale movment iz mah fav rec.


pozzibly da weizzenberg rec from carniggah hall.

da genzui :stop: