classic SDC - da longdong demon's SDC enemy list post

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 4:35 am Post subject: Da SDC publication #3

Death List:

Rusnack (also known as Nut-sack), felony: contamination of the Chopin Etude with underspeed and overflown emotion. (Immediate death is appliable)

Maksim, felony: Pretend and faking DA FURY while the only technique he possess is to make easy pieces seems to be difficult and try to get puxxy by doing so. (Better to keep alive in order to carry out the most painful torture possible which is a part of his timely death)

Wanted: (Possibly with modifiation by Neuro-Surgery)

Marc-Andre Hamelin, felony: Restraining his FURY, while possesing the MAXIMUM FURY of all human beings. (Possible run-on investigation about the secret of the formidable technique)

-right of publication approved by Vice-chairman of the SDC

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Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 4:39 am Post subject:


In da Case of DRE, Da SDC is considering negotiations instead of immediate prosecution.

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da chairman wasnt consulted on dis!

da rest is good, but DRE!!!

dre is a true SDC legend - but he is much like Darth Vader - he went to da dark side

but he still has da skillz when he wants to use dem

and i am still lookin forward for him to tell luke dat hes his father

dis is da jeffmeista’s 1st SDC topic, respec him for dat

he is da tru long dong demon 8)

hahaha, we have a criminal mofo - da pogo

he iz known for bein a slow ass mofo, and yet has speed

dis is a crime

Da POGO not only has speed, but da FURY too. When he unleashes, he goes straight fo da nuts.

I have a legendary slow rec of his: A live chop ballade2 in 9’30. 8)

haha, u r avoiding da point 8)

An example of SD gone bad:

Claudio Arrau:

A true SD-legend when he was young

SPanish rhapsody at 9’34, 6th paganini etude at 4’20 (faster than the legendary recording of Dre), Scherzo 3 at 7’29 (Ivo at 8’08)

Got rotten in his late life, his Feux FOllets at 4’25 bring shames to da SDC,

Discux wat happened to him.

haha, as u have said - he got anally bummed.

Arrau’s wild jagd was 17 seconds faster den da ziffs. plus dis mofo could play gomenreigen at age 7. he was a tru sd when he wanted to be 8)

dis mofo aint called da pope of da piano fo nottin u kno, he is a bit of a mofo like da pope, but he fuckin turned into a fart in old age

da Wilde Jagd was recorded when dis mofo was in his 70s

hahahaha, DAYUM!

i forgot about dat sheeyat!