classic SDC - Inspiration for FUUUUURY!

we all know about ziff boy’s legendary speed, but i have came to an overwheling conclusion , dat he unleashed da MOST speed and fury, in japan.

i was thinkin…well dis mofo must like da japs, but den i realised…he hated those MOFOS!

ziff, in da war, was treated like shit - da mofos made him work with his hands - purposely - becuase they knew he was a pianist - and he broke his f*ckin bones cos of dis sheeyat.

MAN! when da war was over…he had da RAGE…but he held it back…waiting patiently…for da JAPS!!!

when he got to da TOKYO - he unleashed da true might of his
the fckin japs didnt know what hit dem - ziff hit dem with a fury dat had even more impact dan da fckin hiroshima bombin!!!

da recordings dat exist of these events, show da true extent of his A-BOMB-style impact - dis is da definition of LEGENDARY.

dis is a story, for all you new SDCers - to inspire you to increase da speed, and of course…da

respec to ziff 8)

i concur wif dat
respec to da ziff 8)

hahaha, dats rite

da japs were privelaged to be assaulted by his FURY 8)


da rachel 8)

haha I love how he used a pic of da nij as his avy and all da unaware mofos thought he was a chick. 8)

damn, da nij. i miss da old chop files days.


i actually kept in touch with chozart if you guys remember her from CF. Going to chicago this wednesday to meet up with her after 9 years of knowing her online.

da legend of da CF lives on 8)

haha fuck, I remember her. Random bosnian chick. tru

da only mofo I’ve met is da e60m5, coz everybody else avoids da Oz 8)

hahha how did diz adventru go?

did you jam her

haha iirc she was pretty hot too

ehem :astonished:
But tru, it’s too bloody isolated!

haha well Adelaide might as well be another country 8)

tru it waz pretty awesome to meet someone i’ve known for so long on the internet, wasn’t awkward at all which was my biggest fear. chicago wasn’t the greatest city ever though

damn, da chozart. can’t say i remember her, even though i probably should. the name is just vaguely familiar.

hahhaha this iz randomly how i felt about meeting you dude. antwerp not tha greatezt city either but tru chicago juz… :brotha:

you just haven’t seen da good places B-) tru meeting at random doc concert was legit. you don’t live in the netherlands now anymore do u?