Clazzical Guitar Repertoire

Big fan ov diz inztrument and repertoire.

Alzo 88 rep zoundz wikid on it zumtymz alzo :

Ov courze u may reconize diz clazzic :


Tru, tiz one of mah fav zongz.
Julian Bream my fav classical guitarist.

Diz 88 clazzic works well on da fat 4.

When class cunziztz of 3 or 4 guitariztz in a row, it doez ztart to ztrain yo hearing. Accompanying dem alzo a nightmare - how zoft can your 88 play…


I played classical guitar from age 11 to 18, until I decided I wanted to concentrate on piano (guitar requires you to grow your nails, which comes into conflict with da 88). Personally, I found the repertoire to be incredibly limited, hence why some of the most famous pieces for guitar are trannies (Albeniz Asturius etc). I also found it hard to hear the instrument in a large concert hall, kinda like the harpsichord, so I’m not sure whether it’s really a concert instrument (in largish rooms at music school it could be heard, but not in the 1500 place hall).

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Lez c:

La Catedral by Barrios, an hommage to Bach, really exploiting the sonorities of the instrument. Generally can’t go wrong with Barrios, wrote in a very romantic idiom.

Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s “El Sueño de la Razón Produce Monstruos”, kinda Scriabin-esque:

Unfortunately, the guitar, having limited projection (you can’t really put it in an orchestra) compared to the piano and a more “folk” character, was largely ignored by most composers. Thus the repertoire was small for a long time (until Segovia came along and made everyone write compositions for him). To counteract this, many guitarists made arrangements of works for other instruments. Here’s my favourite such, the Bach Chaconne, which I believe works great in this instrument:

Finally, because I would probably be posting a million vids otherwise, a tru SD classic by Llobet, Variations on a theme by Sor:

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It’s fairly common practice to amplify them now especially in cuncertos.

Daim, I c u basically said the same things more concisely tru

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I don’t like that. Especially if it’s the status quo.



Johann Kaspar Mertz basically followed the style of piano virtuosos of his time (Chopin, Liszt, Schumann), so his music has a very pianistic feel.

That’s why I did the transcription! Beautiful piece.


Hahah commie government approved!

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I love classical guitar, but I’ve made largely the same observation as Brew. For me exploring the lute was more rewarding. In terms of “sound” it’s my favourite of all instruments, and the repertoire takes you back a few more hundred years than the piano does.

Hahah how da fuck did da Zepp find diz vid? 14 viewz and I zuzpect half doze iz da SDC :sunglasses:

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dis is da klazzikist prf i have herd recently


I don’t know a lot about guitar, but this sounds amazing so far.