Cold unleash: pimp TE 8

Tru. Dis old classic has to be nice and polished in a month.

Da TRUMOFO attempt a chill runthru before I commence my prax for da day.
Diz randomly a tough TE. I need to retire it n replace with Mazeppa pozz.

Hahaha furious!!

Play da LAPD next you homo

Haha LAPD (Tranny Etude 12) is wikid indeed.

Damn, they’re all so good.
I resent being called a homo: I only like tranny cock, sorry.

Bloody hell, you have so much ease with these pieces. Really good man!!
I enjoyed this more than everything I heard at the recent Utrecht Pimp Comp…it’s true :pimp:

I’ll try for da Weimar Liszt comp, but it is extremely hard to pass the selection.
Everyone sounds pretty much the same on rec.

A live selection is far better, you can hear all the mishaps and how well mofos recover. Idk, dun u think recs can be a bit misleading?
We’ll see what happens.

I plan to record:

Chopin Etude 25/8
Liszt TE 8
Liszt YOP: Orage, Willie Tell, Petrarch 123

I gotta prepare super-well and not get distracted with JAV porn or something 8)
Wasted many chances over the years, tru! 8)

I’ll post da official rec on here of course 8)
Randomly, I’d kill to hear Busoni play all these. I wonder how much rewriting he did 8)

Perhaps you have to admit that you’re just not the competition type, and I mean that as a compliment. You seem to have a pretty individual, original view (and not only on music and penists hahaha) and that’s not really appreciated much in the comp. circuit. I suppose you’ll have to find other ways to get enough concerts…but making good recs is very helpful indeed.

Yeah man, I have no idea how to get concerts other than comps.
Maybe I should find a rich sugar-milf. 8)

But yeah, these comps are hard.
Man! It was disappointing not to make da last pimp comp, I thought I played better than in 2010 which I did pass.

Randomly, there is a ton of rep out there that I’d like to take my time to learn, not exactly “comp rep”.

The good thing about comps is Dey stimulate you to practice and to reach yo own pianizdick goal. N learn cool rep. I never know da Years of Pilgrimage had so many wikid works until I banged them myself 8)


da hilitez:

i notice zum EXTRA MOIZT in da middle zect, much mo zo den in previouz TRUMOFO perfz of diz clazzic :sunglasses:

n tru da OCT ZKIPZ PART juz da BEZT EVAH TRU, da TRUMOFO clearly maztah diz zect wiz minimal facial azzizztance :sunglasses:

da ENDIN CHORDAL ORGY from 4’52, diz achieve a wikid PRICK TOC lyk rhythm, TRU even a PRICK zpecializt lyk da RECTUM dun quite manage diz gensui zound, REZPEC :sunglasses:

Da OCTS zkippah, fuck!

Tru, this is da only sect dat moz audience membahs will remember.
And even den, Dey will think one ov 2 things (got em) or (mizzed)

Basically, if you even miss one, harshly da impression ov da whole Etude goes down da shitter.
Whut a cruel ET 8)

To overcum these difficulties - sum mofos employ a rather unlegendary cheat, omitting da lowest octave in 2 of da leaps in each sequence:

4:16 in dis vid

Da berezovsky live haz da TRU approach

He actually adds sum octs thruout da ET .


Pretty good!
Tempo is starting to get towards the tru zone, although I have a very specific conception of this piece. :rectum:

Datz rite: da richter sub 4 min rec juz set da bar so fuckin high for us mortal mofoz :blush:

This is very good, but competitions… Ugh, don’t you have to play in a manner that will appease the likes of da lesbo? I’d rather people played this like da villa tbh.

Idk anymore.

I reckon if I crossdress then they’d have to let me thru or risk a lawsuit. 8)

Dis strategem :smiley: poss useful in Chopin comps? George Sand tribute…

FUCK, did da KRITTY hack yo account again? :whale: :whale:

Where is da Kritty?

Dat mofo will definitely appreciate da TRUMOFO Friedrice obsession.
I used to think he’s crazy for putting Friedman at No. 1 :blush:

And da Brew is right, da Richter 4min unleash of Diz basically da holy grail interp.

I’m pretty sure dat if da 1945 Richter Soviet Comp rec ever surfaces

Dat it will be a 3:30 unleash 8)

Until then, we have this undisputed best ever unleash. Are u kidding me? 4 minutes FLAT. 8)

:rectum: : dat was moi on a slow day, u mofo 8)



truuuuu i think da TRUMOFO cud eazily do diz, but diz ztylee bazically becummah a natural zheeyat if u juz increaze yo bodymazz index

to VOL levelz 8)

So dat I suffer cardiac arrest BEFORE da Leaps?

Believe moi, I tried to unleash it at this speed and accuracy gets lowah den

Canadian air temp right now 8)


bazically average zepp level 8)