Complete Josef Hofmann vol. 9 ("final volume")

So Marston has just sent out its declared final volume of the Complete Josef Hofmann edition.

It is a 2 CD set, the first CD primarily consists of the previously released Block Cylinders and a better source for a previously released broadcast containing da Moonshine and some Choppin’. The second CD consists of interviews. In all, not much new playing, alas.

Was there no Lagniappe issue with this release?

A few alternate sides too, right?
I don’t like Hofmann anymore anyway, not going to get this.

I was a Hofmann NUT c 2008 8)

Yes, a few alternate sides from the 1911 Columbia and 1923 Brunswick sessions, and the very brief Bell Telephone film soundtrack.

Publius, is that a better sounding 1936 Moonlight? Would be interesting. First mvt by far my fav. performance, guy was like Bruce Lee’s water but spiked

Yes it’s an improvement over the previous release, from an original transcription disc by Radio Corporation of America.

I love that performance, probably my favorite along with Glenn Gould’s.

Thank you.

I just listened to the Moonshine again, this time on headphones (earlier was just speakers) and it’s a pretty significant improvement. The fortissimos really pop.

I passed on buying this, too expensive plus I don’t have a CD player anymore.
I still love Hofmann’s playing however.

Yeah, it’s probably not worth buying it at this point…
If there was a new off-air rec or something…

Although, now that they released Volume 9 - some new broadcasts could surface 8)

I was kinda hoping for dese, as they contain new rep. … ody_no._12 … eral_march

Didn’t know about those!

Rejected takes. Unless a test pressing was made, they’re gone