YEP, this is tru, i was invited for triple concert with jie chen and some otha russian mofo

da problem is

i don’t know, i will think over it. But if i do happen to play, give me ideas for a 20 min program (i iz considering prok 7 or prok 8, or randomly, DJ)

thank you, fellow SDCers


DA Hung Sung

da jie chen randomly iznt dat hot anymo

good luck tho :dong: :dong: :dong:

hahah kev, if i do perform

you should come and watch

you will witness two legends at once :dong: :dong:

Tru. Da Hung Sung iz da finest Korean pianist since Dreyschock.

PS: good luck. 'tiz quite an honour. :wink:

hahah it sounds like you mean dreiscock is korean

limp dong getting stiff and angry…

hahah FUCK, koji disses chen like a mofo

[shoenberg3] 7:51 pm: amazingly
[shoenberg3] 7:51 pm: i got invtied to play along with her in the concert
[Thracozaag] 7:51 pm: You’ll play better than she will, dude
[shoenberg3] 7:51 pm: …
[shoenberg3] 7:51 pm: i mean
[shoenberg3] 7:51 pm: i didn’t like her playing
[shoenberg3] 7:51 pm: but
[shoenberg3] 7:52 pm: i am still a pygmy compared to her
[Thracozaag] 7:52 pm: nonsense
[Thracozaag] 7:52 pm: I’d much rather hear you play, honestly

koji offers suggestions

[shoenberg3] 8:42 pm: what do you think she would play in 20 min slot?
[shoenberg3] 8:42 pm: i will try to play the exact same thing for CG
[Thracozaag] 8:42 pm: LOL; brilliant
[Thracozaag] 8:42 pm: except you’rs would last 15 minutes, heh

 [Thracozaag] 8:41 pm: yeah dude, show her up with Islamey, heh

randomly dizz

Dong Hyek Lim EATS you.

very TRU,

but i eat you, my delectable ken

Very tru, but I eat Argerich.


HAHAHAHAHAH da HUNG, u mite be da bettah peniz, but da chienne iz a bettah cocksuckah den u vil evah be 8)

hahaha, dat biatch iz carnival of budapezt

haha no suggestions?

i iz thinking wild jagd-pasayage-feux follets-mazeppa in that order


prok 7 or 8

da first iz bettah 8)

unleash da mazeppa in pavement style

haha anways, i already decided the rep

Liszt Ballade 2
Vingt Regards Espirit de joie

in that order :comme: