cool stats

fick mich … what a stat , tiz schocking az hell…

ahahaha i wuz randomly lookin at theze lazt night n sum of theze r a bit fuckd/surprizing. lyk every fuckin second 10 people iz goin to movie or som sheeyat?

then randomly i wuz lookin at HIV infected and it wuz not moving at all, and i wuz about to cloze the window, when suddenlty tha counter went up 1 n i wuz lyk, “daim tha harzhnezz of tha HIV”

ur computah haz no GIRTH. da stats iz pretty kool in mah-gud-zelf opinion.


Damn. didn’t realize there were more than 6.5 billion mofoz on da 3rd rock.

datz rite. da current world’s population iz 6.5 Bil. Chinese and Indian stand for 2.3 Bil more or lezz.