coq does a tchaik transcription

basically i played it twice through at the end of a rec sesh and picked the better one :doc:

You play well. Different song, but I assume you’re familiar with what Volodos did with Op.54#10?

Da coq was always one of the quickest studies on da sdc, still remember him knocking through Bach WTC 1 and Kapustin like it was nothing.

the mofo recorded da whole WTF Book 1 tru?

Recorded 19 before having to worry about moving to London put a damper on that schedule. But I’ve learnt it all and had it memorised at one point…

Also whoa we have new members? NEW MEMBERS? How???

I recruited dem mofoz. datz rite.

I iz not a new membah. I iz 31 poztz oldah than you :wood:


haha daim zum good zpeed there tru 8}

Rezpec! I was also thinking of transcribing this work back in the day after hearing it here (skip to the 4 minute mark):