Couple vids too long for da tube … 9394845882 … 3411714808

unrelated, but that’s a pretty nice scriabin 10 you’ve got there

Thanks–I was helped out by a truly awesome piano.

how are you able to concertize so much? are you networked really well and know people with performance spaces? do you play alot for school?

I hardly concertize “much”, but have some connections to people in performance spaces who thankfully have had me back for repeat performances.

You’re an excellent Scriabin interpreter. You probably already know that. Just sayin’.

yeah, that’s the way to do it… trying to get my foot in the door on the east coast has been a bitch, but i am usually able to play in the SF bay area fairly regularly…

nice lh octs in the climax of the dog. Btw, I usually like Ho’s additions, but here I’m not sure. :ho:

I like Ho’s additions and changes in this piece, but I think the original version is obviously just as valid. Certainly better than what he did at the end of the 2nd Legend, imo.

Did you memorise the additions from a recording, or do you have a score?

No, I learned it off the recording and stupidly never wrote the changes down, sorry.

tru, Koji is a fucking legend.

Kreisleriana! Sweet! I’m about to do a big presentation on it this week. Probably going to go insane in the process.

still love that kreisleriana

i can split these up for you so that you can put them on the tube if you’d like