Da 74th geopolidickal pizztake zpeech cump

othawize known az da UN general azzembzheeyat :sunglasses:

TRU diz yrz :1st_place_medal: accordin to da zepp :lib:

honourable mentionz go to

da BOJO wiz hiz wtf tranzlatah-rapin cg rant about AI tech n data collexion
da MACRON, zum rezpecable ztylee ovah zubztance anti-TRUMP fury


da TRU X-mofoette :girl:

dezerve da PPP prize of diz cump :sunglasses:

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Not bad, but you zhud git a CG infraction for dis fake newz.

USA even win diz obzcure ZEPP poll :doc:

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Did he even read this before Putin gave it to him? The independent nations are stronger theme at the β€œUnited Nations” - a bit WTF.

If you are curious about the anti Social media stuff its because they are aware they are being used as a giant shovel for foreign front money to influence elections and have started to tool up blocking mechanisms as leverage against puppets helped put in place by them. Allegedly : )

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Ahahahaha tru I haff zeen diz obviouzly

Harzhly diz zleepy ziterape fall well zhort of da uzual TRUMP clazzikz

Az a rule

Fo zpeech makin

Impro TRUMP > ziterape TRUMP :gav:


Ahahhaha TRU diz objective analyzheeyat

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Ahahahah da problem wiz a thin-zkinned megalo-main mofo lyk diz iz juz dat

It make everyone CURIOUZ AZ FUCK to c juz how he wud face

a fuckin impeachment

In termz of gensui zpectacle alone, independent of any legal argumentz tru :sunglasses:

Tiz exactly y da HILLARY lozt

Becuz tiz alwayz a fuckin beautiful zheeyat

To c a zelf-entitled chill-I-got-diz-I-iz-nevah-wrong-zo-fuck-yall type mofo(e)

get raped :sunglasses:


hahaha fuckkkk :fire:

da KHANMOFO zayin he will deztroy earth befo climate change but ztill da newz only talk about da GRETA :ghey:


HAHAHA truuuu

da KHANMOFO :1st_place_medal: becuz of how zmoothly he managed to tranzition between:

cumparin opponent to hitlah


threatenin nuclear war :sunglasses: