Da abzolute unqueztionable low point of da DOCz career

diz iz so utterly DIZGRACEFUL im not even gonna reveal it

feel free to guezz

:doc: 8)

playing rondo alla turka in duo wit J Nutsak in a local quebec tv?

having hiz cock and ballz removed?


even spending one and a half minutes of his life playin da nutsak

*i am assuming this his how long it took to play it 8)

Da DOC’S fingerprints were found on some of the pedophile pornographic material found in Neverland


much worze 8)

dis review

geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse … top10.html


some of da otha reviews are a bit sheeyat too 8)

meetin da comme? :frowning:

…while he was naked


let da truth be told:


datz rite 8)

haha, da page turner

i would probably feel bad about this if i didnt think he was sight readin it at another piano at da same time


Da SIA (SDC intelligence agency) haz just sent 2 agentz in philadelphia to confront da doc about diz mattah n make a complete investigation about all hiz past and present linkz wiz da sl*w world :exclamation:



but we muzt remebah he said diz wuz at leazt 10 yrz b4 da pozt, da doc wuz juzt pazt 20 yrz old den

a mofo in trainin, learnin from da mastah…well, he probably learnt wut NOT to do from da BADGER

speaking of the OC…

8) 8) 8)

Dayum, the chicks of the OC. hahahah respec.



i dun watch diz show 8)

I dun either, but that’s not the point, now is it?