da artist formerly know az da shrimp

haha now known zimply az “YUNDI”. Wat a fag. :dong:

askonasholt.co.uk/artists/in … /y-u-n-d-i

hahaha… ya :dong:

Yeah, except his new Chopin Nocturnes disc is actually pretty good.

He’s almost as cool as Solomon

Do you have it Chris? I would love to hear that… randomly only ever heard Arrau and da Barenboim on these…

could you upload the arrau and barenboim?

ahahahahahah wtf :shrimp:

yeah who’re they kidding?

Actually, I have to say I was pretty damn impressed by a TV broadcast Yundi Prok 2 that I saw a while back. He pretty much kicked ass every chance he got. It was intense.

bet it’s not near Eckardstein level though


da SHRI :shrimp:

hahahah tha nu official nick pozz