Da :ho: :pimp: BAL 2 additionz - taztelezz zheeyat or GENSUI?

Hahaha how do u noe da Antii? Dat mofo own da moz legendary GOD PAZZ

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I don’t but one of my best friends in my teens and early 20s was also one of Antti’s best friends (they were classmates at the Sibelius Ac).

I know things about him he’d pay me to keep quiet about. :sunglasses:

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Gloriously so.

The bootleg version is even better.


da :ho: in '74 will alwayz be one of da mozt legendary meth waltz

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this is just as tastelezz az da original piece :sunglasses:

taztelezz but wikid was my vote, he’s yoloin

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Ok, da BALL 2 one of the few Liszt pieces that I iz not crazy about but tasteless it is not

Then again, I guess my standards for “tasteless” are too low:

:lola: :lola: