da BEUZ winz da bachauer comp

tiz tru


Daim, my friend Collean (yes i iz her friend now, just met her again today at da Zim recital, da Zim was insane btw) came in 6th again, da fate.

(Da Collean’s Ginastera 1st sonata is one of the best i have heard though, along with her insane Scarbo)

hhAHah naida colle iz randomly mah homegirl 8)

we attended the same school: HKAPA :smiling_imp:

o wow, didn’t know u went to APA

u know LKW? (Liu Kok Wai) (The person who won Gina baucher, and is going to Curtis now)

haha daim da MOJO cummah 2nd:

“For me, the meaning of participation in the international piano is to be listened by people in the world. This is a very important opportunity.”

hahahah da MOJO azk fo a ztream n harzhly denied


nah, i was in the percussion section of hkapa 8)

hahahaha da MOJO! :dong:

haha … da MOJO didnt tell uz hez going to da Baucher comp … dayum …
hiz teacher … haha … da polizh politology