Da Blackest site back online!!!

We thought it was gone foeva. NOT SO! Da blackest oedipussic site on da web has been resurrected.


Respec to da Chubrik, and his wikid 10/4 recording. 8)

hahahaha, RESPEC!

but is dis site possibly illegal?

is sda possible reason it was offline a cover-up op? 8)

dis site is wikid and da russian facta only adds to da genius. 8)

haha, it also adds da factor - dat only sum1 wif da requisite intelligence to figure out how to navigate it will get dat sheeyat - 8)

or some native Russian mofo, which would command so much respec dat we wouldn’t mind him beeing a stupid mofo

hahahahahaha, DATS RITE


this site was always there? i’ve been downloading from that thing for the longest time. ultimate wickidnez

hahahaha, dats rite

u r a tru demon 8)

Watta SITE!!!
Troooooly black.
Me loves it!!

понимать вы не русский язык?

hahaha, translate dat sheeyat 8)

it says like, to understand you not russian or some shit

hahaha, respec 8)

dis site is wikid 4 da scores as well as da mp3z. da only problem is dat is takes a fuckin long ass time to write all da names in english after you dload dat sheeyat.

hahaha, i juss get ma shit from da mofo george in czech 8)

Dats rite! Privet kamrat!

hahahaahaaha, da speedy give more clues about his identity while simultaniously unleashin comedic genius, respec 8)

holy fuck !
dis is dead again
dey put da Chubrik in jail again…
we can do nothing but wait for his next evasion

Da SDC will be organizin a rescue operation if da Chubricataur iz indeed in life threatenin danger. 8)


i have faith in da chub 8)