Da Bolt strikes again!

sports.yahoo.com/olympics/beijin … oly,183127

:stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:

hahaha MANNNNNN juz da tru IDOL fo da SDC to live up to

diz mofo zhud try da 88!


^^^^^^^^thiz iz ^^^^^^^^

zo tru :gav:

We need a :bolt: emoticon! It was truly amazing to watch, he’s so relaxed. His reaction time to the starting signal is one of the lowest, so if he can improve that a bit he’ll be even faster!

Legendary comment :smiley:


Scary thing is that he actually didn’t get off to a very good start :lib:

da fuckin lightning bolt

a tru memba ov da zpeeeeeed comm!


What gets lost in all this is da Gay ran a 9.71 which not long ago would have been a world record

ahahaha TRU alzo thiz ^^^^^^^^^

hshhsshhshs thoughtz on tha tube commentz

:stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:

um ok

hahaha da kick in da cam at the beginning :dong:

Holy crap, again!?!?!

nytimes.com/reuters/2009/08/ … world.html

“I did well for myself and I’m on my way to becoming a legend” :stop: :stop: :stop: 8)


icon required pozz 8)


Is it just me, or is Bolt a frikken GIANT?!?!

I think he’s around 6’5", which is insanely tall for a sprinter.