Da Brew returnz (with a gift)

Yo mofoz! I iz back though it may only be for a few dayz.

Anyway, I decided to put together a folder of wikid music for da community.
s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1DYI … 7PF44FMYZ8

Diz mofo containz amongst other things:

ABM’s Bach-Busoni Chaconne- the most amazing recording of him that I’ve ever heard.

Friedman’s Alt Wien (wikid tranz) and Mazurka op 63/3 (the best mazurka perfomance)

Hofmann’s Clair de lune- his best recording imo, though it is unconventional

Kaufman’s SS 3 violin concerto- da third movement, my fav violin piece.

hahahaha fuk u came back at da rite tym…

we might be going down any second now 8)


hahhahaaha u iz shall not worry

i vill download diz n reupload it

…i think mah hozt forgot to disable my account for some reason 8)

Respec da Kev!

respec da host /// :rectum: