da chairman DEMANDS from a SD up and cumma

my email to MeiTing-


respec fo da wikid skillz and all, but da SDC has summoned you - you are a much-respeced speed demon, but we are dissappointed by da lack of AFAP recs in yo sheeyat.

we rememba da lofty claims dat u cud play da chopin 10/1 at 240 BPM -

i personally (da Chairman of da SDC) - DEMAND proof of dis claim.

much respec,
Da Chairman of da SDC

now lets see what happens 8)

demand dat he join dis mofo

Haha!..and what? 240bps!!! Having a good day, I do b=176.

I wouldn’t mind having him her for some 10/2 tips.

hahaha, dis mofo is a TRU SD, i just hope he can prove dis claim 8)

Hah, yeah, with that effortless Feux Follets anything should be easy for him. I wonder if he cud set da new speed record for 10/7.

haha, he has to beat da original YAK 4 dat.

dat piece is different, in dat dey r double notes but da FF - is about da outer fingas, da 10/7 is da innas