da chop himself

da famous story goes-
dis student played da heroic pol and broke a string, he apologised for playin it too loud

da chop replied -‘if i had yo strength dere wud be no strings left unbroken’

dis is actually very emotional :cry:

da chop had an inner fury da he cud nevah UNLEASH on da keys

so he unleashed tru his comps -

dis sotry shows ONCE AND FOR ALL - dat chop WAS NOT A PUSSY


and his tempo indication fo da 25/11 should be RESPEC-ed. 8)

im pretty sure dat it was da military pol dat was played. i read dis sheeyat jus da other day. 8)

hahahaha, i was recitin from memory, but da jist is da same

da chopin’s emotion shud be RESPECED - and we must live up to his passionate FURY

all chopets should be playd @ twice da indicated speed just ot make sure da FURY is properly allocated

dat mite be hard in da WW

haha also in da 10-4 25-12 10-7 10-1 10-2 (rudy did) 10-12 (i did) 25-2( i did) 25-10 da flying butter etude will b not to hard at 2ce speed

hahaha, u played da rev at what speed? 8)

Chopin was a romantic guy. He once also admitted that he had a very weak 4th finger.

Mezzo voice is da loudest Chopin can play.

actually he didnt. if he did, he would finish on 41 secz. instead he took 61, falling well short of double tempo 8)

how very romatic of him 8)

hahahahahaa, da chop prolly played da 10/2 at rusnak tempo

dis iz bullsheeyat
da chop was a tru gangsta mofo

hahahahahha, mayeb he waz both, like da JB 8)


banned 8)