da Clitburnah screening auditions in Lugano

saturday and sunday, if anyone wants to watch…

i randomly support da Dmitri Demiashkin, altought i think it’s not what they are looking for :vedakap: :vedakap: :vedakap:


i know it’s always fun to watch these kinda things but i can’t help wonder what the fuggin point is with these big competitions anymore. all the winners are usually cut from the same technical powerhouse cloth… midi interps seemed to be prized over m*sic

maybe going against the spirit of SDC but i have to stand up for diz shiz :ho:

Once again we’ll be treated to a winner who is a fine, conservatory trained “musician” who is surely competent as a technician, and unobtrusive as a re-creator.


tru… lately i think that Kobrin’s Triumph was a bit FAIL, of course he played awesome in the competition… but now??

actually, new question:

who do you think has been a Tru winner in the past big comps?? (that means, after the triumph he still good and solid and great and awesome) (past comps means no more than 2 years ago)

not a single person

tru, it’s sad if you watch all these great vids from rubinstein, cliburn, or even the here to make music docu. at least those people had personalities. every time i follow a comp, it’s always the same, and i never remember anyone.

da tchaik in da pazt wuz da moz reliabl comp

agreed, pozz

Von Eckardstein is not too bad imo.

yup, i’m looking forward to what might become of him. he’s extremely good and musically very interesting, but i can’t listen to hours and hours of his playing. not yet, hopefully.

Antonio Pompabaldi is pretty badass,

but then again, I’m biased and he got silver.

Alessio Bax and Severin Von Eckardstein are the only recent winners that I really like.

Damn the stream has some rezpecable audio quality

Rachmaninov: Sonata n.3, op. 36 (1931)

wtf??? third sonatA? anyone?

that’s the revised version of the 2nd sonata i believe.

A friend of mine was asked to play the 3rd movement of Op. 111 at a YCA audition once. :lib:

hahaha wtf

The youtube video of him playing a Prokofiev Etude is fantastic!


he owns the shit out of that piece.

tru, i started learning that one because of him but it was just too much work for what it was worth. I keep working on the e minor one of and off though, just because it always kills me how beautiful it is.