da COMME contactz da TRUGOD HIMZELF!!

Dear Ingolf.

I have been following the Chopin competition along with some online friends from across the world, we were all united in our support for you since we saw your stunning first round performance.

The 1st ballade was incredible, the Presto part especially, everyone else was simply just too slow, your virtuosic feats were remarkable beut they only hinted at what followed.

You then proceeded to show us your sensetive side with a Nocture, but then the shock of the competition, a truly STUNNING 10-2 etude, the best any of us had witnessed visually to be sure.
Then what can I say…we were confronted with the DEMON that is your Winterwind etude, this was quite simply the greatest and most stunningly virtuosic performance of this etude ever witnessed, the sheer speed and bravura were unbelievable, and musical subtleties too along the way made it THE definitive interpretation of the work(one of very few that even approaches Chopin’s intended speed)

We also witnessed your second round performance, equally stunning, although we thought you particularly shined when playing fast, the Sonata No3 Finale was absomutely incredible, it had us on the edge of our seats. Then the Grande Polonaise…quite simply the most stunningly virtuosic version we have ever witnessed, just incredible.

We were expecting to be stunned yet again by your performance in the finals, but that was not to be, because we were stunned instead by the jury’s decision to put you out of the competition.
This is truly a sad day for the piano world, your interpretations of Chopin’s bravura works were a shining light, a beacon amongst the dull and reserved interpretations, you played chopin in perhaps a too ‘Lisztian’ manner for the judges…but what can Isay? I love it!

I wish you the best luck with your career, be assured that you have made many new fans among those who witnessed you play over the internet.

warm reganrds,


(ps - try and check out the site dasdc.net/forum.php , it is a forum dedicated to paino related stuff, and they worship you like a god there)

:god: :stop:

hahahah da RUD technicality

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Subject : Re: RESPECT

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thank you, for your words…

well it was a pleasure to play in warsaw…
of course, I have still to learn a lot,

but I try to get better and better all the time…

and I’m really happy, that the audience and many people all over the world
did like my playing…thats the real win for me…

thank you again

best regards





instant vice-chair fo him


how many times did you say “stun”, “stunning” and “stunned”?

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wut da FUCK do u expect when u iz confronted wiz da girth of da :god:

quit changing my avatar.

Tiz iz SO TRU. And shouldn\t da judges know dat da CHOP himself considered Liszt his favourite pianis and interperator of his own works. peneizez plays da chop lyk a puzzy when he ceratinly wuznt.

-da Meph

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The TRUGOD is now officially affiliated with the SDC.


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Time to open da new section:


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lol, i havent been watching the comp, sooo…who da fuk is ingolf? did he win?

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respec fo da god once again

and of course for :comme: 8)

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