Da Comme decidez to prepare fo ABRZM Grade 8

Help me decide which 3 piecez to play :sunglasses:

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Aha sum thingz change n othahz stay da same. I played :nigga: 14/1 at my grade 8 (plus Bach G# min p+f and Brahms 117/1). A lot more 20th c rep now tho. I don’t recall there being an aural requirement previously, you did have to pass grade 5 theory.

Hahaha wuz it worthwhile n wut wuz da price? wut year wuz diz?

I don’t recall paying for it but maybe my parents did… it wuz 1980 when I wuz a mini mini mofo. ahaha FUCKKK

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Ahahahah diz perfect oppahtunity fo da :comme:

Due to covid, tiz all online now

Othawize da :comme: may haff to embark on a treacherouz journey to zcotland juz fo diz exam :sunglasses:


And all da ztation 88z are in storage too :frowning:

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Ahahaha DAIM

Da SDC zhud haff invezted in da DUCH DIGI-BIKE ztartup :sunglasses:


maybe da ZEPP cud charge fo da grade 2000 exam with zelexion of ZEPPETz :zepp::moneybag:


Ahahaha it vil be priced very reazonably zo dat

even da LIB afford it :money_with_wings: :sunglasses:

probs most SDC potential. Is polo channel from city wolf guy

Don’t bust your own balls on any Bach.

Pozz do da SCAR Sonata

Get sum HO vibes in da ChopZurka 17/4

I iz zurprized dat noone zuggezt I mazzacre da Ireland piece in lizt B :sunglasses:

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Da Trumofo can giff da COMME free zoom lessons to prep, if you need it.

Offer ends June 2022.


hahaha ic da ZEPP countz on da fact dat he will pay a zmall amount

fo EVERY attempt :sunglasses: