da comme decrees we kill this forum


I iz excited to be part of mah first hostile board takeova.

in case u do not no, deze fuckaz trashed da SDC, sayin ve iz bad pianists, ghey wiggerz and nerds. Dey alzo attacked and made fun of a close friend because hiz father haz cancer. deze SDC poser soggy cunt fuckholes shud feel da swift death dat iz da fury of da SDC.

Ok, let’s rape dem, figurtively


haha dis place iz going down 8) :stop:

so only me n doreme have joined? weak

i think dey got da message 8)



barely and pozzibly

predicktably 8)

deciduous tree :lib:

coniferious u gheyboi

fukk. me n doreme waz unable to destroy dem on out own, prediktably.