Da Comme v Da TM

Tru, which mofo haff had the greatezt SDC renaissance life turnaround zheeyat?
Dizcuzz or don’t.
:tm: :comme:

  • TM/Furiouz mofo et al.
  • Comme/Pomme et al.

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What turnaround?




The evidence does not lie

Da SDC wuz mostly abandoned until da TM got back here n started actively recruiting mofos including @vladspeedster @88 @Invocation and other quality members

I like da @xsdc but you like to push all my buttons. So… chill out.

I mean seriously, your little jabs are getting old.
And hands off my chick’s looks, go ahead and date an instagram model for all I care

I’m out.

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Tru, pozz comme :white_check_mark: for life turnaround and TM for :white_check_mark: for SDC.


Didn’t da comme try to becum zum facebook bodybuikdiing guru? :comme:

And da TM juz…perzizizt??



Alzo settle down and shut yo fuckin mouth n ztop whining


I just mostly dislike da @xsdc jabs

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Da TM basically

In need of a personal trainer :sunglasses:

I’m the only one who DOESN’T comment on your chick’s looks

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Dats rite. Credit where credit is due.

Da raw stats dun lie. :sunglasses:

How many times have you used the :jack_o_lantern: emoji?

Granted, I feel sick, cranky, helping da :hui: study fo an inzane exam but tru… juz, chill out

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Haha Mikhail as you perfectly well know I’m ineligible for the topic. What I do know is that you were hilarious when I joined - and you’re still hilarious today :yum:

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Being found funny isn’t exactly a compliment :roll_eyes:

So, you find me funny to look at or my playing funny?

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Oh shut up

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This conversation is over. You know that you like to piss me off, so why don’t you just admit defeat and not talk to me for a while or derail my threads. Thank you.

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Hahahahahahaha DAIM da TM pozz uzed to be one of da mozt annoying mofoz in SDC hiztory n now takez offenze at da zlightezt sheeyat



Theme of the day…

He’ll be da TM again tomorrow


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Haha pozz we need da Trump mofo back. Did anyone ever figure out who he was?