da comme vz da canadian

hu iz da tru cock

  • da comme
  • da canadian

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:comme: :rectum: :whale: :stop:

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 9833266626

i wizh he’d take that camera in hiz mothahz room

HAHAHAHAHAHA :dong: :dong: :dong:

that vid is totally retarded. oh well, maybe a bit less than da comme himself.

i find tha chirz tru yet i find tha kyakov tu alzo

:comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

tru i iz a flip floppah

n tru iz iz tryin to eat az mcu bread az pozzibl befo tommroow morning

tru i am on mah 3rd bread zandwhich beof i pazz ouit

da trumofo doesnt have a shitload of goodrecs and good taste and isnt psycho. nuff said.

da trumofo randomly lookz like da guy on the corner of da street who alwayz ask moi for spare change, and looks like he iz randomly holding sth in hiz pocket, i dunno if it is a gun or it’z hiz STD-infected cock.
But tiz scarez me a little, tru.

“Jezuz goez fizhing, tru”

:ziff: :lib: :doc:

da Gaykoff is truly NSFW

haha I always thought we were joking around when we told him he needed professional help…i guess not

Or perhaps his mom get out of Da Volodya’s bed pay a little attention to him

it looks like he is wearing his mom’s sweater

perhaps her panties too. this guy needs some shock therapy ASAP.

y u niggahz iz hatin on anotha membah of yo own race? 8)

i aint white or russian, so i can hate on him all i want.

In prison if a mofo embarasses his race like that he usually getz shanked, so da trumofo is lucky he is just getting made fun of. Pluz, if da ruzzians around here saw dat shit he’d be fucked

hahaahhaa i randomly predickt da TRUMOFO vil return wiz a BOMBAH of cataztrophic girth - u niggahz remembah da t25’s wurdz 8)