da complete 1zt convo of da HUNG n da COMME

Jimmylikesfish: :sunglasses:
kristallnesseufz: who is this
Jimmylikesfish: the executive manager of lang lang
kristallnesseufz: oh damn, is dis da legendary comme?
Jimmylikesfish: I’m afraid i have to inform you, tht you have infringed his copyright rights, and you are in serious trouble
Jimmylikesfish: yez :sunglasses:
kristallnesseufz: haha, really?
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, pozzibly
kristallnesseufz: who are you, seriously?
kristallnesseufz: damn
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: da comme?
Jimmylikesfish: i am hotak dong sung
kristallnesseufz: fuck, you are comme
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, yo name iz hard to remembah
Jimmylikesfish: hahah dat iz tru
kristallnesseufz: true dat
kristallnesseufz: dat might play a factor when i consider becoming a penis
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahha YEZ
kristallnesseufz: maybe i should change it to “hot ache sung” or something
Jimmylikesfish: u know da reazon langlang iz way more succezful in da US?
Jimmylikesfish: more succezful den da YUNDI LI
Jimmylikesfish: itz coz of da fuckin NAME
kristallnesseufz: what americans like it chunky?
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, dey like it long :sunglasses:
kristallnesseufz: wit da girth
Jimmylikesfish: haha SHEEEEEEEEYAT, i juzt realized
Jimmylikesfish: in a cpl hrz da DONG iz on NBC
kristallnesseufz: what is cpl?
Jimmylikesfish: couple
kristallnesseufz: oh shit
kristallnesseufz: da late show?
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, u didnt know diz?
Jimmylikesfish: da jay leno show
kristallnesseufz: fuck
kristallnesseufz: is it at 10:35 pm
kristallnesseufz: pacific time?
Jimmylikesfish: i got no fuckin idea
Jimmylikesfish: im british, u mofo
kristallnesseufz: hahaa dat’s rite
kristallnesseufz: do you have british accent?
kristallnesseufz: dat will be hilarious, a CG!!!
Jimmylikesfish: nbc.com/nbc/The_Tonight_Show_with_Jay_ Leno/music/
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, dat iz tru
kristallnesseufz: i ain’t gonna miss it
Jimmylikesfish: haha, do u c?
kristallnesseufz: c what?
Jimmylikesfish: Thursday, March 03:

Lang Lang
plays “Prelude No.5 in G Minor, Opus 23” by Rachmaninov from his latest work, Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2 / Paganini Rhapsody

Jimmylikesfish: da fuckin webpage u mofo
kristallnesseufz: yes, i already saw dat
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: to tell the truth, bit sheeyat recording
Jimmylikesfish: HEZ GONNA PLAY DA FUCKIN 23/5
kristallnesseufz: the masturbation prelude?
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHAHHA datz rite
kristallnesseufz: fury and hold it prelude?
kristallnesseufz: fuck
Jimmylikesfish: da outer sectionz haff da FURY
Jimmylikesfish: haha, and da inner sect haz da moizt
kristallnesseufz: a perfect combo
Jimmylikesfish: hahah DA FACEZ IN DA MIDDLE SECTION
kristallnesseufz: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: mannnnnnn, i can only imagine diz sheeeeyat
kristallnesseufz: you can’t watch it?
kristallnesseufz: fuck
kristallnesseufz: dat sucks
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, well im not sho
Jimmylikesfish: i get jay at da weekendz
Jimmylikesfish: random 3 epizodez
kristallnesseufz: check this out wwitv.com/portal.htm
Jimmylikesfish: on nbc europe
Jimmylikesfish: but dey fuckin MIZZ 2 epizodez
kristallnesseufz: you may be able to watch it online
Jimmylikesfish: hahah SHEEEEEEEEEYAT
kristallnesseufz: put it full volume
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: fuck, iz you “lenny” in pianoforum?
Jimmylikesfish: which channel iz it on
kristallnesseufz: nbc no shit
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, how do u know
kristallnesseufz: it iz you then
Jimmylikesfish: dere r 2 nbcz
kristallnesseufz: watch both, you mofo
kristallnesseufz: haha, you have many faces
Jimmylikesfish: every single 1 iz a mofo
kristallnesseufz: true dat
kristallnesseufz: mannn, you gotta spend less time on da computa and more on da 88
kristallnesseufz: like me
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha exactly
Jimmylikesfish: but im sick rite now
Jimmylikesfish: fuckin cold
kristallnesseufz: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: don’t die
Jimmylikesfish: what da fuck do i do to watch diz sheeeeeeyat
Jimmylikesfish: haha, i wont, for shor
kristallnesseufz: you still virgin?
kristallnesseufz: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahah
kristallnesseufz: iz you?
Jimmylikesfish: what da fuck do i do to watch DIZ SHEEEAYt
Jimmylikesfish: dat aint nun o yo biznezz
kristallnesseufz: you are, then
Jimmylikesfish: tru
Jimmylikesfish: dat aint got nottin to do wit da longdong
kristallnesseufz: what are you talking about
Jimmylikesfish: da longdong
Jimmylikesfish: how do i watch diz?!?!
Jimmylikesfish: wwitv.com/portal.htm
Jimmylikesfish: u gave dat link
Jimmylikesfish: tell moi every sheeyat 2 click
kristallnesseufz: go to watch all stations
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: den what?
kristallnesseufz: actually go on this sheeyat cdmatv.com/
kristallnesseufz: on tha thing dat pops up
kristallnesseufz: click on da first thingy, with TV (some asian shit)
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: look for da nbc
kristallnesseufz: shit i just realized that there isn’t one
kristallnesseufz: fuck
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: ok ima try dat otha site
kristallnesseufz: or could come to my house and watch it togetha, but i doubt that you have a private plane
Jimmylikesfish: haha, dat haz no streamz fo NBC
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, datz da problemo
kristallnesseufz: fuck dat, i will give you thorough account of the thang
kristallnesseufz: a juicy, steaming account
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, DAYUM
Jimmylikesfish: i need to get some american mofo to capture diz sheeeeeeyat
Jimmylikesfish: derez no way 2 watch NBC on da fuckin net?
kristallnesseufz: probably, search internet tv
kristallnesseufz: on da google
Jimmylikesfish: fuck, cant find diz
kristallnesseufz: fuck, i feel for you
kristallnesseufz: i am feeling you
Jimmylikesfish: DAYUM
kristallnesseufz: what time iz it in britain?
Jimmylikesfish: 00 16
kristallnesseufz: midnigt?
Jimmylikesfish: for shor
kristallnesseufz: damn, go to slip
Jimmylikesfish: dayum
Jimmylikesfish: i cant mizz da dong
Jimmylikesfish: i gotta c diz somehow
kristallnesseufz: or better, practice 25-12
kristallnesseufz: yo neighbors will appreciate it
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahah
kristallnesseufz: fuck, do you go to school?
Jimmylikesfish: no
kristallnesseufz: ahahahahhaha tru mofo
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: i randomly chill 24/7
kristallnesseufz: what you a highschool dropout?
Jimmylikesfish: haha datz rite
kristallnesseufz: seriously?
Jimmylikesfish: im a tru azn
kristallnesseufz: you not
kristallnesseufz: azn like to go to school
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, at heart, i am
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: i left school at 13 yrz of age
kristallnesseufz: seriously?
kristallnesseufz: why>
Jimmylikesfish: didnt lyk it
kristallnesseufz: what is your job,
kristallnesseufz: or somehting
kristallnesseufz: damn
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: datz da thing
Jimmylikesfish: no job
Jimmylikesfish: i juzt chill 24/7
kristallnesseufz: how do you live, man
kristallnesseufz: da dinero
Jimmylikesfish: mah parentz r undastandin
kristallnesseufz: hahaha,
kristallnesseufz: respec
kristallnesseufz: kinda sad, actually
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, r u dizzin moi?
kristallnesseufz: no, i am sad that some one so passionate should stay at home
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: passionate?
Jimmylikesfish: wut do u mean
kristallnesseufz: in many different ways, of course
Jimmylikesfish: yep, da commez life iz fucked
kristallnesseufz: ah, i feel for you truly
Jimmylikesfish: but im happy, hopefully i can get mo disciplined on da 88 and becum a TRU MOFO
Jimmylikesfish: hilariouzly, u r alot bettah den moi
kristallnesseufz: ah, but i began eariler
Jimmylikesfish: dat iz quite obviouz
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, seriouzly, u r da mozt talented ‘prodigy’ on all da boardz, dat ive heard
kristallnesseufz: thanks man, but i doubt that i could ever become famous
kristallnesseufz: partly because of my name hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: u r randomly from korea
kristallnesseufz: not that random
Jimmylikesfish: south? presumably
kristallnesseufz: ahhha, i am kim jong-il’s illegimate son
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahahahaha RESPEC
Jimmylikesfish: menta li-il?
Jimmylikesfish: :sunglasses:
kristallnesseufz: haha
Jimmylikesfish: north korea seemz to be a bit insane
kristallnesseufz: true, it is just da leaders
kristallnesseufz: not the people
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, bush will randomly blow dat place up
kristallnesseufz: shit, that will be fucked up
Jimmylikesfish: haha, but i know wut u mean
kristallnesseufz: bush is father fucker
Jimmylikesfish: da dictatorshit
Jimmylikesfish: haha DAT IZ CORRECT
kristallnesseufz: hahaha, i just realized how genius dat was, only after i typed it
kristallnesseufz: da georges
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, dat iz correct
Jimmylikesfish: u won da russian random comp juniah sheeyat
kristallnesseufz: yeah
kristallnesseufz: tied first place actually
kristallnesseufz: with some other korean girl (hardcore pre-conservatory biatch)
Jimmylikesfish: yet dizgracefully, yo name iz 2nd on de lizt
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
kristallnesseufz: i think it is alphabetical
kristallnesseufz: hopefully hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha, i cant even tell if datz a guy or a chick
kristallnesseufz: she played da 32 variations by Van and sarcasms by prok
Jimmylikesfish: da korrean namez r insane
Jimmylikesfish: i mean da MEN r called kim
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, datz some CG rite dere
kristallnesseufz: da time limit was 15 min, and obvioiusly she had stop in the middle
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha, dizgraceful
kristallnesseufz: i played a random mozart sonata, and prok. son 3
Jimmylikesfish: she shud juzt unleash it all within da time
kristallnesseufz: dis was when i and she was 13
kristallnesseufz: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: she did
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, da diversity
kristallnesseufz: i thought i was going to lose, seriously
Jimmylikesfish: datz somethin i dislike about peniztz
Jimmylikesfish: well, competitionz
kristallnesseufz: true dat
Jimmylikesfish: da fact dat u haff to play a variety of periodz
kristallnesseufz: what, you want to focus on da fury rep?
Jimmylikesfish: hahah dat too
kristallnesseufz: oh yeah, i am gonna compete in that competition this year
Jimmylikesfish: but i mean, some ppl r clearly mozart, chopin, or liszt specializtz
Jimmylikesfish: and dey r nbo less talented if dey suck at 1 compozer and rule at anotha
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: playing bach d minor prlude, 10-4, scriabin son. 4, prok. son. 6, and da beethoven son. 13
Jimmylikesfish: u r gonna be up againzt a mofo
kristallnesseufz: who
Jimmylikesfish: da kevin
kristallnesseufz: kevin wh
kristallnesseufz: who
kristallnesseufz: how old is he
Jimmylikesfish: hmmm, hez 15 or 16
kristallnesseufz: fuck
kristallnesseufz: where is he from
Jimmylikesfish: let me check, i donteven know hiz surname
kristallnesseufz: you know him personally or somehting
Jimmylikesfish: he iz lostincode
kristallnesseufz: oh dat guy, where does he live
Jimmylikesfish: online mofo
Jimmylikesfish: cali
kristallnesseufz: fuck, he any good?
Jimmylikesfish: hez playin some sheeyat
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: i havent even heard him much
kristallnesseufz: seriously
kristallnesseufz: what have you heard?

Jimmylikesfish: da random soundbyte of him doin hiz SDC audition
Jimmylikesfish: da opening of rach2
kristallnesseufz: is he good?
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, within lyk 5 secz or some sheeyat
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i cant really tell
Jimmylikesfish: but he playz winterwind
Jimmylikesfish: id say ur probably alot bettah
kristallnesseufz: well? dat is the question
kristallnesseufz: he a azn eh?
Jimmylikesfish: originally taiwaneze
kristallnesseufz: hmm, he might be someone i even know
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: you have his aim?
kristallnesseufz: i gotta have a talk
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: u gonna psyche him out?
kristallnesseufz: how did you guess?

kristallnesseufz: i will give him da wrong tips
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahahhaa
kristallnesseufz: just kidding
kristallnesseufz: i like to compete fiar
kristallnesseufz: fair
Jimmylikesfish: hez sleepin now it seemz
Jimmylikesfish: Jeff: Chopping PolyNasty FatNazi, Op.61
kristallnesseufz: what iz dat
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, datz all datz in hiz AIM profile sheeyat
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, dat iz from a radnom MSN conversation
kristallnesseufz: dat is his aim
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahahhahahaha, no
Jimmylikesfish: datz a random quote
Jimmylikesfish: he iz juzt lost in code
Jimmylikesfish: hez online , but away
kristallnesseufz: my connection is bit shyeet
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: it doeznt match da speed of yo fingaz fo shor
kristallnesseufz: hahaha, i am not that good
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: u r FOR SHOR da bezt fo yo age, datz on all da forumz
Jimmylikesfish: i mean, da thrac iz bettah
Jimmylikesfish: but hez fuckin 32 or some sheeyat
kristallnesseufz: fuck, i will hopefully double major in surgery and piano
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahhahaa
Jimmylikesfish: u will be da next DOC
kristallnesseufz: i will take one year off college, and for that time, concentrate all my cock on da 88 to compete in da big ones
kristallnesseufz: literally hahaah
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha RESPEC
kristallnesseufz: if i win anything big (highly doubful) you will receive da VIP seat to my concert
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha RESPEC
Jimmylikesfish: datz if u come to mah area
Jimmylikesfish: which iz quit erandom
kristallnesseufz: where in britain is it
kristallnesseufz: why
Jimmylikesfish: northumberland, az far from londan az pozzible
Jimmylikesfish: dasdc.net/forum/
Jimmylikesfish: fuck
kristallnesseufz: dere is this random mofo commeruinswebsites spraying his feces all ova da place
Jimmylikesfish: EXACTLY
kristallnesseufz: they fail to see your otha face
kristallnesseufz: all these father fuckers
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: what otha face?
kristallnesseufz: you know
Jimmylikesfish: hhaha, da sweet kind intelligent comme?
kristallnesseufz: dat’s rite
kristallnesseufz: both sides are integral for a tru mofo
kristallnesseufz: lyk da ho, his suave side and his furious side
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: datz xactly rite
kristallnesseufz: by the way, change my up and cumma sheeyat
kristallnesseufz: i prefer Da Hung Sung or some shit like that
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Jimmylikesfish: EXACTLY
Jimmylikesfish: datz da GENSUI name
kristallnesseufz: all right change it, you mofo
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: on da SDC?
kristallnesseufz: what else?
kristallnesseufz: dat’s da only place that counts
kristallnesseufz: your replies are bit to sl*w
kristallnesseufz: UNrespec
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: i juzt changed it
Jimmylikesfish: go to da sdc
Jimmylikesfish: pozt
kristallnesseufz: it sayz fuckin tru mofo
Jimmylikesfish: u will also c mah signature chanbge, if it workz
Jimmylikesfish: ahhahahahaa
kristallnesseufz: hahah
kristallnesseufz: i don’t like da sig. something like “music iz titilation, speed iz regurgitation” might be bettah
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, ok change it to wutevah u lyk
kristallnesseufz: all right,mofo
kristallnesseufz: btw, who are some famous penis you witnessed live?

Jimmylikesfish: da DOC
kristallnesseufz: my list includes, yundi li, bronfmann,
Jimmylikesfish: iz da mozt famousz
kristallnesseufz: respec
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha RESPEC DA SHRIMP
kristallnesseufz: how was he live
Jimmylikesfish: da doc?
kristallnesseufz: yez
Jimmylikesfish: naturally he waz wikid
Jimmylikesfish: but diz waz in 2003
Jimmylikesfish: i waznt az mature a listener, and i cant remembah dat well
kristallnesseufz: haha
kristallnesseufz: i realized i had listened to da ash as well
kristallnesseufz: i also got his autograph
kristallnesseufz: dat is before he got his arthritis
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaaha u got da INFERNOz sig?
kristallnesseufz: yeah
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha respec
kristallnesseufz: my #1 treausre, after bronfmanchild sig
Jimmylikesfish: haha, i nevah heard him
kristallnesseufz: yefim bronfmann?
Jimmylikesfish: ive heard of da name
Jimmylikesfish: not heard hiz playin
kristallnesseufz: oh, i don’t lyk him too much
kristallnesseufz: he iz also fat ass, literally
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHAHAHA, but u treazure hiz sig?!?!
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha DAYUM
kristallnesseufz: i meant ash cums first
kristallnesseufz: i also have da sarah chang, if you know her
kristallnesseufz: i talked to her in korean
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i reconize da name
kristallnesseufz: haha
Jimmylikesfish: chang iz quite a common name
kristallnesseufz: she iz not a porn star
kristallnesseufz: hahah
kristallnesseufz: pretty famous violinst
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i know a wang
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHA ic
Jimmylikesfish: yeah she ringz a bell
kristallnesseufz: you heard of craig sheppard?
kristallnesseufz: probably not
Jimmylikesfish: not sho
kristallnesseufz: he was supposed to edge out perrahia at da leeds
kristallnesseufz: i got a masterclass sheeyat from da mofo
Jimmylikesfish: hahha RESPEC
Jimmylikesfish: da leedz comp
Jimmylikesfish: dat iz da closest comp to moi
kristallnesseufz: hahaha, you should enter
Jimmylikesfish: 125 milez away
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i might in a few yrz
kristallnesseufz: heard of lim dong-hyeuk, da korean mofo who rejected the 3rd prive queen elizabeth
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHA DA DONG
kristallnesseufz: hahaah another dong inda house
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha DAYUM
kristallnesseufz: he supposedly got pissed that he didn’t get first or second prize and refused da prize
Jimmylikesfish: i met da DOC
kristallnesseufz: in person?
kristallnesseufz: fuck
kristallnesseufz: why are yo replies so fuckin sl*w?
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
kristallnesseufz: are you jacking off along with da convo
Jimmylikesfish: im tryin to find da sig pic
Jimmylikesfish: hahahah, i stopped a few minz ago
kristallnesseufz: fuck
kristallnesseufz: sick, i can smell it from 5000 miles awy
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaahaha
Jimmylikesfish: im gonna pozt diz convo
Jimmylikesfish: wit yo permizzion]
kristallnesseufz: not da entire thing mfo
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahahahaa
kristallnesseufz: censor out some too furious sheeyat
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, diz iz da SDC man
kristallnesseufz: true dat
kristallnesseufz: but some fafos like da cunt and comme jr. can’t handle dat
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaaha
Jimmylikesfish: da cunt iz fuckin insane
kristallnesseufz: da fuckin nazi
kristallnesseufz: hahaa
kristallnesseufz: he’s one-sided, that’s da thing
kristallnesseufz: he only has fury and no moisture
kristallnesseufz: even that fury is bit sheeyt
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha yep
Jimmylikesfish: i randomly listened to yo ballade 4
kristallnesseufz: how did you like it
kristallnesseufz: da coda
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha, it wuz wikid
Jimmylikesfish: but da problem iz
Jimmylikesfish: yo tech iz so good
kristallnesseufz: hahaha, too shaven for you
Jimmylikesfish: dat u invite comparison wit RICHTER and otha mofoz
kristallnesseufz: i ain’t dat good
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: datz what im sayin
Jimmylikesfish: yo tech iz a high level
kristallnesseufz: but my musicality aint’ good?
kristallnesseufz: fuck
kristallnesseufz: i am learnig
Jimmylikesfish: so im sayin, dat takez da tech out of de equasion
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: im sayin, with otha auditionz on da chopfilez
Jimmylikesfish: dey all have average techz
Jimmylikesfish: well mozt of dem
kristallnesseufz: yeah
Jimmylikesfish: but yo tech iz virtually pro level
Jimmylikesfish: so, i can only compare wit porz
Jimmylikesfish: and datz yo weaknezz
Jimmylikesfish: u need to work on da interp
kristallnesseufz: oh, damn
kristallnesseufz: i 'm fuckin 15
kristallnesseufz: dude
Jimmylikesfish: gahahaahah DATZ WUT IM SAYIN
Jimmylikesfish: im sayin, yo tech iz wikid
kristallnesseufz: give sometime to mature, to ripe, and to increase girth
Jimmylikesfish: but now u need to work on da interp
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha datz rite
Jimmylikesfish: heard da zimerman interp?
kristallnesseufz: dat’s why, i am listening to da old mastahs
kristallnesseufz: da ballade? no
kristallnesseufz: i like da ash’s rec.
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: i like zimz
kristallnesseufz: his thirds are insane
Jimmylikesfish: and hofmann
kristallnesseufz: in da coda
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, yep
kristallnesseufz: kissin is bit sheeyat on da ballade
kristallnesseufz: actually, honestly, kissin is kinda of shit
kristallnesseufz: right no
kristallnesseufz: now
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahhahahaa
Jimmylikesfish: u think u r bettah?
kristallnesseufz: no
kristallnesseufz: but soon might get almost as good
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: his tech. is great
Jimmylikesfish: da egotesticle
kristallnesseufz: ahahah
kristallnesseufz: i am not saying i can be good as some of the good pianists
Jimmylikesfish: who do u prefer
Jimmylikesfish: da longdong or da GENIE
kristallnesseufz: who is da genie
Jimmylikesfish: kissin
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: damn, dat’s a hard q
Jimmylikesfish: kissin iz a wikidly talented mofo
kristallnesseufz: technically, long dong is bit better
kristallnesseufz: musically, kissin is still alittle bettah
Jimmylikesfish: hiz interpz r queztionable tho, datz wut u mean?
kristallnesseufz: kissin sometimes gets mindlessly bangy
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: datz a good thing, sometimez
kristallnesseufz: some rec. are pretty damn good, actually
Jimmylikesfish: da FURY
Jimmylikesfish: do u lyk hiz lark?
kristallnesseufz: ah his lark?
Jimmylikesfish: i haff only 1 kissin cd, randomly
kristallnesseufz: da pictures
Jimmylikesfish: haha YEZ
kristallnesseufz: one wit his orgasmic face on it?
kristallnesseufz: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHAHHAHHA
Jimmylikesfish: dayum, he haz sex appeal
kristallnesseufz: his afro is almost niggerish
kristallnesseufz: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: excuse my language
Jimmylikesfish: HAHAHAHAHA
Jimmylikesfish: datz hiz savin grace
Jimmylikesfish: da HAIR makez him a CG automatically
kristallnesseufz: hahahaha
kristallnesseufz: as does lang
kristallnesseufz: and da shrimp
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, da dongz hair?
Jimmylikesfish: ahhhhhh sheeyat, da dong haz nu hair
kristallnesseufz: damn, how is it
Jimmylikesfish: da nu ‘sexy’ look, fo da chix
kristallnesseufz: oh dat weird tsunami hairstyle
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: da tsunami iz induced by hiz own FURY
kristallnesseufz: haha wit da ocean etude
kristallnesseufz: as with yoz too
kristallnesseufz: but in a different way
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: wut time iz it dere?
Jimmylikesfish: whenz da DONG on
kristallnesseufz: 5;22 pm
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha WTF?
kristallnesseufz: dong is on at from sometimebetwen 10:35-11:35
kristallnesseufz: da late show you know
Jimmylikesfish: sheeeeeeeeeeeeyat
Jimmylikesfish: itz 1 22 here
kristallnesseufz: go to sleep
Jimmylikesfish: da time diff iz extreme
kristallnesseufz: ahahaha
kristallnesseufz: damn, i realized i might miss da dong perf. i have piano lesson
kristallnesseufz: shit
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, sign up on msn
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaa, FUCK
kristallnesseufz: i will tell my dad to drive wit FURY to home
kristallnesseufz: toget back fast
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha DATZ RESPECABLE
Jimmylikesfish: hopefully yo dad haz da same speed skillz az u
kristallnesseufz: he drives fast
kristallnesseufz: dat’s fo sho
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, a TRU SD
kristallnesseufz: he doen’st slow down when it snows like hell
kristallnesseufz: fuck, honestly i kinda get scared when he drives fuckin 75mph in da snow
Jimmylikesfish: da SD GENEZ RUN STRONG
kristallnesseufz: hahaha true dat
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: haff u evah talked to da blindfolded peniz?
kristallnesseufz: hell no
kristallnesseufz: he is a shame to da azns
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, hez on mah fuckin list
kristallnesseufz: kill list?
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: seriously, what list?
Jimmylikesfish: AIM buddy list
kristallnesseufz: oh, fuck dat fag
Jimmylikesfish: he haz a good tech
kristallnesseufz: he also haz an egotiscal attitude
kristallnesseufz: at least, what i have sensed and heard
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
kristallnesseufz: seriously, in my area, pianists like dat are common
kristallnesseufz: there are at least 10 otha competition-level penis in my school
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha HSEEEEEEEYAT
kristallnesseufz: some competition
Jimmylikesfish: dey aint yo elvel im shor
kristallnesseufz: one of them is
Jimmylikesfish: Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha, da BFP
BlindfoldPianist: hey
Jimmylikesfish: u gonna join my forum?
BlindfoldPianist: what forum
Jimmylikesfish: dasdc.net/forum/index.php
kristallnesseufz: ah fuck what happened
kristallnesseufz: comme, why did you destroy da intimacy?

Jimmylikesfish: hahahahhahaa, wit wat?
kristallnesseufz: i am no interested in 3some
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, itz da legendary BFP
kristallnesseufz: haha, can he read da convo he had above
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha, im in a different convo weit him
Jimmylikesfish: u mofo
Jimmylikesfish: i copied and pazted dat
kristallnesseufz: oh, obviously my brain is slower than my typing fingahs
Jimmylikesfish: hashahahaha, datz evident
kristallnesseufz: is there any way we could have a 3some
kristallnesseufz: what happened
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: da bmp remains slient, you too
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i said brb
Jimmylikesfish: i randomly had to eat some cheeze
kristallnesseufz: what is brb?
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: r u new to AIM?
kristallnesseufz: yea i made dis account just for this random penis
kristallnesseufz: to talk to him
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: brb = be right back
Jimmylikesfish: ppl say it when dey need to take a pizz
Jimmylikesfish: or get somethin to eat
Jimmylikesfish: or whatever
kristallnesseufz: i am learning dat this shit is taking time away from practice
Jimmylikesfish: hahah DATZ RITE
kristallnesseufz: you may notice decrease in my tech
kristallnesseufz: fuc
Jimmylikesfish: exactly
Jimmylikesfish: well , u gotta schedule diz sheeyat
kristallnesseufz: what happened to bfp?
Jimmylikesfish: allow only 30 minz a day on da forumz or w/e
kristallnesseufz: evidently, you don’t
Jimmylikesfish: hez a random mofo, he sometimez doeznt reply
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahahah DATZ RITE U MOFO
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: do u haff any concertoz in yo rep?
kristallnesseufz: never performed but some in my rec
kristallnesseufz: i meant rep
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: rach 3?
kristallnesseufz: not yet
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
kristallnesseufz: i need the maturity
Jimmylikesfish: da time vil cum
kristallnesseufz: totentaz is in my rep. dat’s fo sho
kristallnesseufz: i practiced it when i was 13
kristallnesseufz: actually, pretty easy for me
Jimmylikesfish: mannnnnnnn, haff u herd ZIFFz rec of dat?
kristallnesseufz: not trying to be arrogant or anything
kristallnesseufz: yea, i heard da rec
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha FUCK
kristallnesseufz: good shit
kristallnesseufz: fury
kristallnesseufz: speed
Jimmylikesfish: unbeatable sheeyat
kristallnesseufz: sheeyat
Jimmylikesfish: ziff iz mah fave peniz
kristallnesseufz: actually, i don’t have too many recordings of him
kristallnesseufz: a shame
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
kristallnesseufz: i have his hung. rapes though
Jimmylikesfish: actually, u kno wut id love to have heard him play
kristallnesseufz: wut
Jimmylikesfish: SCRIB
kristallnesseufz: hahaha
kristallnesseufz: i say alkan
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, he wud naturally be wikid fo scriabin man
Jimmylikesfish: haha OBVIOUZLY
Jimmylikesfish: but
Jimmylikesfish: imagine wut hiz op8/12 etude wud be lyk
Jimmylikesfish: u know da ho recz of dat?
kristallnesseufz: hahaha, wikkidd
kristallnesseufz: da fuckked up one?
kristallnesseufz: but still got ovation
Jimmylikesfish: da ho played dat piece alot
kristallnesseufz: that rec?
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha, iz dat on hiz return to moscow vid?
kristallnesseufz: yea dat shit
Jimmylikesfish: haha
Jimmylikesfish: well, i haff anotha vid of him playin dat
Jimmylikesfish: on de asrt of piano
Jimmylikesfish: art*
kristallnesseufz: hilariously, i don’t own dat
Jimmylikesfish: mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, da fuckin FURY
Jimmylikesfish: haha, i haff a few live recz of dat piece by him too
kristallnesseufz: da controlled uncontrollable FURY
Jimmylikesfish: dey r ALL unique
Jimmylikesfish: he played it very different each fuckin time
kristallnesseufz: if dat makes sense
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha EXACTLY
Jimmylikesfish: mannnnnnnnn, wut a legend
kristallnesseufz: all right , i have hella sheeyat things to do, fuckin spanish test, newspaper making shit, piano lesson, chem hw, and some othda random sheeyat
Jimmylikesfish: ask yo teacher to teach u da alkan op39/12
kristallnesseufz: da fistin
kristallnesseufz: haah
Jimmylikesfish: haha DATZ RITE
Jimmylikesfish: datz essential rep man
kristallnesseufz: all right, i like this convo as much as i like da vagina, but i got to much shit to do right now, i will talk to you this weekened
kristallnesseufz: when i am less busy
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha for shor
kristallnesseufz: bye you mofo
Jimmylikesfish: im gonna pazte diz convo on da forum, ranomly
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, pce
Jimmylikesfish: and MUCH RESPEC fo yo skillz on da 88
kristallnesseufz: not da whole thing al right, just da highlights
kristallnesseufz: see ya
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, chill
kristallnesseufz signed off at 01:57:06.

get a life! :comme: :dong: :dong:

hahaha da memories

da good old times, when i was in awe with da comme :comme:


:dong: :dong:

hahahahahahah, diz wuz legendary