Da Czerny mofo

Iz dis essential sheeyat fo masterin da Art of Speed ?

  • FO SHOR !
  • no, dis iz sheeyat…

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Dis mofo was a Tru mofo
He made da “School of Velocity” which sounds like an ancestor of da SDC…
dis mofo supposedly didn’t give a fuck about m*sicality but only da essential sheeyat : fingah speed
I think he deserve his legend topic fo dat
plus his teacher was an insane mofo so was his student…

I nevah gave a fuck about his exercices cuz lots of mofo say dis iz useless sheeyat but aftah all, da LIB plays dem all and became a ULTIMATE SDC penis. Da Pimp Liszt probably played dem all too so… what do u think about dis sheeyat ? Would I acquire a Lib-like Tech if I play his sheeyat ?

i dont play dem, but i haff da UTMOST RESPEC fo ALL hiz SHEEEYAT.

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Didn’t Beethoven study with him for 3 years


kritty - u know fuck all

i haff UTMOST respec fo da CZERNY’z cause

but da problem iz - dey r a bit sheeyat, just play da fuckin chopetz instead

btw - i bought da school of velocity agez ago and almost decided to learn a couple 8)

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HAHAHAHA a random CZERNET pitted againz da fuckin 10/4



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No, Beethoven taught Czerny. Not the other way around

Edit: Realized that I am replying to a 15 year old comment. I was 4 years old then. Spooky.

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